6KW household photovoltaic system: costs and advantages

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Meeting your energy needs has become urgent in light of soaring electricity and gas bills. The 6KW household PV system is currently the most widely available option, as it is the solution that can adequately and efficiently respond to the vast majority of residential energy needs, as well as accommodate a family of three or four. So what are the prices and advantages of 6KW?

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How much will a 6KW PV cost?

There are many factors that can affect the cost. For example, the cost of a turnkey 6 kW PV system without energy storage in the Italian market ranges from €7,500 to €15,000. In the UK, on the other hand, it costs between £9,000 and £11,000. You can read our article - "Solar Buying Tips" (link to blog post) to pick the right solar panels for your home's roof.

How many solar panels are needed for 6 kW?

The number of modules installed is ultimately determined by the size of the roof and the size of the modules selected. For a fixed roof area, Maysun solar's 210mm 410w silver frame solar panel (product link), for example, requires about 15 panels. There are also 600 w panels on the market that require only 10. But the maximum wattage of the module means that it has a larger area.

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How much space does a 6 kW PV system take up?

On average about 50 m2. This depends on the actual situation, in fact pitched and flat roofs require different areas to be installed and you will have to decide where to install the 6 kW PV panels.

How much power does a 6kW PV system produce?

Depending on a number of factors, the actual power output of a 6kW PV system will vary. These variables include

1. geography and local climate

2. Orientation and tilt angle of the solar panel arrangement

3. Whether the panels are shaded or not

4. the performance of individual components (mainly panels and inverters)

For example, in Italy, an average of 6 kW per year can produce at least: 7,200 kWh in the north; 8,100 kWh in the center; and 9,000 kWh in the south.

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Project case in Romania - 6.15KW PV plant

Thanks to our Romanian customer for using and giving feedback on Maysun products!

The schematic is as follows

The 6KW household rooftop PV system project uses 410W Maysun Solar modules, which can meet the electricity demand of a family of three.


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At Maysun Solar, we offer a 15-year product warranty and up to 25-year performance guarantee to emphasize that our products are not cheap products, but represent long-term solutions you can rely on.

Because weather conditions, buildings and technology are not universal, they vary from place to place. That's why we rely on regional experts who can be on hand to provide you with expert assistance in making the appropriate system solution for the specific conditions of your home's roof.

We have offices, warehouses in several country regions, such as Italy and Germany, and we will send the PV panels from your nearest logistics center, contact us now and get a quote.