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  • The advanced PV technology

    Maysun Solar uses the industry's advanced cell technology, has mature module encapsulation technology, and continues to innovate to create the high quality module products for our customers.

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    Using non-destructive cutting technology, the wafer is cut into two or more pieces evenly to have a lower rated operating temperature (NOCT), reduce shadow shading loss, and improve conversion efficiency.


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    A module technology that generates electricity from both front and back sides. When the sunlight shines on the bifacial module, some of the light will be reflected by the surrounding environment to the back side of the module, and this part of the light can be absorbed by the cell to generate electricity.

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    Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) is a technology that uses N-type silicon wafers covered with a thermal oxide film on the front and back surfaces to convert energy to back contact. There is no shading on the front side of the cell, so it can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight.

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    Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact cell, whose cell structure can realize one-dimensional longitudinal transport of carriers, while reducing the compounding of metals and silicon substrates, resulting in stronger integrated power generation.

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    Hetero-junction with Intrinsic Thin-layer battery, whose P-N junction is composed of two different semiconductor materials. It has the advantages of generating electricity from both front and back sides, low temperature manufacturing process, high open circuit voltage, and good temperature characteristics.

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    Shingled technology generally cuts silicon wafers into more than 5 pieces and uses flexible conductive adhesive for low-temperature bonding to achieve seamless connection between cells, which substantially increases the output power of the module.

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