Can robots also clean solar panels?

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What is a solar panel cleaning robot?

A robot that is put atop solar panels and, instead of utilizing water, uses electric power and sensor technology to clean totally autonomously and sustainably.

Types of solar panel cleaning robots

Semi-Automated Cleaning

It is a cleaning method in which a brush with controls is connected to a tractor or a comparable vehicle. A person drives the vehicle to drive the cleaning machinery. Every machine has a safety system that regulates the pressure of the brushes on the PV panels. The driver/operator does this to protect the panel surface. A vehicle need a large turning radius at the end of rows in order to easily turn around without losing cleaning time. This frequently necessitates more room than other systems.

Semi-Automated Cleaning

Fully Automated Cleaning

The Automatic Robotic Cleaning System makes this kind efficient and dependable. Robots or Bots, which are permanently stationed on each row of the power plant, clean. These robots move along the module row's panel edges. Docking stations are located on one side of each row. Rows may have such stations if they are longer than the robot's travel length in one direction. Bridges cover holes to allow robots to navigate between arrays and trackers. Return Stations at predetermined locations cause robots to return to their docking stations.

Fully Automated Cleaning

Should I clean my solar panel?

Yes, there are numerous major issues linked with not cleaning your panels on a regular basis:
1. Energy loss: According to CleanTechnica, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) investigation, the overall loss of panels is roughly 30% if they are not cleaned correctly.
2. Damage to the solar panels themselves: As a result of long periods of uncleanliness, solar panels acquire huge amounts of dust, bird droppings, leaves, and even precipitation. Uneven heating causes internal damage to the power consumption of the hot plate effect, reducing the service life of solar panels.
3. Unattractive: solar panels, a new means of utilizing energy, are covered with dust and grime on the roof, which not only damages the overall appearance of the structure, but also creates the impression of untidiness and a lack of concern for the environment. However, these filthy solar panels render all of this meaningless.

dirty solar panels

What are the benefits of solar panel cleaning robots?

1. Time: Robotic cleaning can be done at night, during non-productive hours. On the one hand, it does not take time away from the solar panel and prevents shadowing the panels, which can cause electrical imbalances and panel damage.
2. Safety: no human aid is necessary, hence there is no risk to the operator.
3. Efficient: After cleaning using a well-designed penetration system, no streaks or scale deposits emerge on the solar panel.
4. Cost-effective: the panels may be cleaned everyday at a cheap cost, minimizing economic usage.
5. Environmentally friendly: no water or diesel is used, which eliminates CO2 emissions.
6. Economic boost: the solution promotes the training of more trained individuals (e.g., on-site maintenance of robotic equipment), resulting in more specialized positions and favorable employment.

What should you look for in a solar panel cleaning robot?

1.Cleaning method: When self-propelled robots are employed for cleaning, it is usually more regular, thorough, safer, and less expensive than manual techniques.However, these sorts of PV cleaning robots are often only suitable for roofs with minor slopes (up to 25 degrees). Manual semi-automatic cleaning methods are preferable for larger sloped roofs.

2. Working width: solar panel cleaning robots on the roof require a specific working width. In general, maintenance aisles on the roof between module rows can be traversed without difficulty as long as a distance of up to 60 cm is maintained. This makes it easier for the robot to clean smaller roof components.

If you don't want to clean your panels just to discover that there are installation issues with the angle, location, and so on, In order to correctly install the solar panels, you must first select a skilled installer, prepare enough room for later maintenance and cleaning, and establish an efficient cleaning routine.

solar panel cleaning robot?

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A robot for dry cleaning photovoltaic systems (2023).

A robot for dry cleaning photovoltaic systems (2023).

PV-Anlagen reinigen: Mit dem Putzroboter schnell und günstig (2023).

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