Harnessing the power of the sun: a journey of sustainability and innovation

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We are happy to share a success story with you today that demonstrates our dedication to sustainability and innovation. Join us as we explore the remarkable partnership between Michael Lakenberg, a renowned PV module installer, and Legg Mason Solar, a prominent maker of PV modules. We have set out on a revolutionary adventure as a group to turn a flat-roofed parking lot into a sustainable energy hub that harnesses the sun's plentiful energy.

Using the full potential of solar energy

With the aid of 14 double-glazed, all-black Mason Solar 410W panels, we significantly contributed to the process of capturing the sun's energy for the creation of clean, renewable energy. These cutting-edge panels have been thoughtfully created and developed to maximise performance and energy efficiency. They provide the following helpful qualities:

Since the glass is resistant to fire, corrosion, abrasion, and water, glass-to-glass PV modules can last up to 30 years in a variety of challenging settings.

Our modules weigh only 19.5kg because to the use of 1.6mm ultra-thin double glass and a 28mm ultra-thin T6 frame. This is specifically designed for distributed PV installations in Europe.

Our modules have a low current design, 210mm wafer technology, and 1/3 cut cells. And they work with the majority of inverters available today.

With this environmentally responsible strategy, we hope to significantly contribute to lowering carbon emissions and building a sustainable future.

Twisun 390W--410W Double Glass Full Black PV module PERC 210mm 120cells

Not just power generating

By incorporating a sizable battery for energy storage into his parking lot, our installation customer Michael Lakenberg thinks outside the box and goes above and beyond what has been done in the past. This innovative approach makes it possible for electric vehicles to be readily recharged, benefiting the community greatly and fostering sustainable mobility. Even when there is little sunlight or a great demand for energy, solar energy can still be utilised effectively thanks to the incorporation of energy storage technologies.

PV module

Stability and dependability in difficult circumstances

To assure the stability and endurance of the solar panels, the customer wisely employed strong aluminium mounting brackets on the flat roof. Mason solar panels are of the highest quality, so even in bad weather, these durable mounting brackets and the end user are certain to have peace of mind. The solar panels have withstood high winds and other adverse weather, and they will continue to deliver dependable energy output for many years to come.

pv module project

Effects on the neighborhood

The neighborhood as well as the homeowners have benefited from this renovation. The once-empty roof was changed into a useful asset that made it possible to charge electric cars and light the garden with clean, renewable electricity. By offering a sustainable energy option, the project not only lowers carbon emissions, but also encourages others to follow suit. The neighborhood can now enjoy cheaper energy expenses, a smaller environmental effect, and better power outage resistance. This exemplifies how sustainable energy can enhance quality of life while also being good for the environment.

pv module

We would like to acknowledge the successful partnership between Michael Lakenberg and Legg Mason Solar, which exemplifies the revolutionary potential of solar electricity. Together, we were successful in establishing a centre for sustainable energy that helps localities and lays the way for a more environmentally friendly future. Join us in embracing solar energy's promise, and let's join forces to create a world that is cleaner and more sustainable.

Since its founding in 2008, Maysun Solar has concentrated on creating and creating high-quality photovoltaic modules. Choose Maysun Solar because we have high-quality solar panels that will meet your demands; get in touch with us so that we can work together to build a sustainable future!

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