IBC Solar Panels: Pioneers Leading the Energy Revolution

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On September 5, at the photovoltaic company LONGi's 2023 semi-annual results briefing, chairman Zhong Baoshen said, "LONGi has a very clear point of view. In the next 5–6 years, IBC type of battery will be the absolute mainstream of crystalline silicon cells, including bifacial and monofacial cells. In the next LONGi, a large number of products will be moving toward IBC technology."

What is IBC solar panels?

IBC (Interdigitated back contact) is a battery technology that relocates the positive and negative metal connections to the battery's backside.Its efficiency conversion idea differs from that of other batteries in that the front of the battery electrode grid line is all transferred to the back of the battery, by reducing the grid line on the sunlight shading to improve conversion efficiency, primarily through the structure of the change to improve conversion efficiency. That is, through physical transformation and laser technology, efficiency benefits can be realized.

Because the front side avoids light shading by the metal grid electrode, it may maximize the utilization of incident light and reduce optical loss, thereby enhancing photoelectric conversion efficiency. This means that this structure can be layered with a wide range of technologies, including PERC, TOPCon, HJT, and Calcium Titanium Ore.

Maysun Solar IBC Silver Frame 555W-600W MONO 182mm 144 cells 1/2 Cut Solar Panel

What are the advantages of IBC solar panels?

1.The most cutting-edge technology
It is a technology that relocates the positive and negative metal connections to the battery's backside. It is a technology that relocates the positive and negative metal connections to the battery's backside. This is one of the most advanced technologies available in the solar panel market today.

2. Improved conversion efficiency
IBC solar panels's power generation efficiency is 22.5-23.2%, which is around 2% higher than PERC, about 1% higher than TopCon. The absence of front busbars reduces light loss while increasing cell efficiency and power generation. By eliminating front metal connections that restrict sunlight, IBC panels improve the effective surface area of the solar cell. The IBC panel's electrical connectors are situated on the rear, allowing for more efficient and effective utilization of the available sunlight.

3. Lower temperature coefficient

Solar photovoltaic efficiency decreases with increasing temperature, but it increases with decreasing temperature. The sensitivity of a substance to temperature changes at low temperatures is referred to as the low temperature coefficient. Low temperature coefficient is a very essential metric in nature and industrial production, as it has a significant impact on the performance of materials, the safety and dependability of equipment, and the success of scientific study. IBC solar panels have a temperature coefficient of only -0.29%/°C. TopCon and PERC solar panels, on the other hand, are just -0.35%/°C. This means that IBC solar panels will perform better in hot regions.


4. Perfect appearance
IBC is a technology that relocates the positive and negative metal contacts to the cell's backside. It can totally black out the front of the cell facing the sun, rendering the metal lines on the front of most solar cells invisible. It gives users a more attractive full black appearance. This feature is particularly useful for residential and architectural projects where solar panels must be seamlessly integrated into the overall design.

Maysun Solar IBC Full Black 410W-440W MONO 182mm 108 cells 1/2 Cut Solar Panel

5. Additional application scenarios
IBC panels can be used for a range of applications, such as rooftop installations, solar farms, and movable balcony photovoltaic systems. IBC technology is the best choice for use in situations where there is a lack of available space and a high demand for power generation because to its efficiency and versatility.

IBC soalr panels on the roof

6. Higher reliability
The lack of solder joints increases the dependability and stability of IBC modules when compared to PV modules constructed via front welding.

Maysun Solar IBC Black Frame 425W-450W MONO 182mm 108 cells 1/2 Cut Solar Panel

What is the IBC solar panel's bottleneck?

1. The technical difficulty is relatively large. All of the electrodes in the IBC structure are on the back side, which must be well isolated otherwise the structure will short-circuit if it conducts.

2. The procedure is more complicated, the material needs are also quite high, and the battery's stability is poor.

3. The aesthetics do not apply to every scene. It is better suited for distributed applications, however ground power station applications should be approached with caution.

Maysun has long been regarded for producing the most technologically superior and cost-effective solar panels, and the latest IBC solar photovoltaic products strengthen Matson's position as the pioneer in renewable energy. Our Maysun IBC solar panels have been ordered by German clients; come take a look!

Maysun's solar panel product line comprises a variety of specs and sizes to accommodate the needs of varied customers. Maysun delivers highly customized solutions to ensure customers can maximize the use of solar resources and achieve significant savings in energy consumption, whether for home installations or industrial applications.

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Maysuns sales team and solar panels

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