Industrial Photovoltaic Applications

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As the mainstay of renewable energy, photovoltaic power generation is gradually being accepted by many users. As the economics of PV systems become more and more apparent, the number of scenarios in which PV can be applied is gradually increasing. Currently, it is no longer limited to the application of photovoltaic power plants and household photovoltaic, there are many “photovoltaic +” application scenes in the city’s industrial and commercial. 

1. PV + Factory

With the rise in commercial and industrial electricity prices, commercial and industrial rooftop distributed photovoltaic system gradually become an important direction for future PV development. On the one hand to help enterprises reduce costs and improve efficiency, on the other hand can contribute to the development of clean energy for the country, and strive to achieve the environmental goals of 2030.
For some high energy consumption factories (such as paper mills, textile industry), usually with a large roof area, flat roof, less shade, their own power consumption, etc., is very suitable for the installation of self-generated PV systems.
For example, a Hungarian 60KW factory rooftop PV project case, using maysun solar 540w PV modules, to achieve the self-sufficiency of the factory’s electricity consumption.

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2. PV+Agriculture

“Photovoltaic + agriculture“ is an emerging form of agriculture, not only to solve the problem of power supply needed to take water and irrigation machinery power, to avoid the photovoltaic industry and agriculture competition for land, but also to sell the extra electricity to the national grid.

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3. PV + Road

Photovoltaic + traffic development project form diversification: bus stations, train stations, both sides of the highway can be installed industrial and commercial photovoltaic projects, the highway itself can also be paved with photovoltaic modules as photovoltaic highway.
PV+highway can make full use of the space resources of the highway to realize the integration of PV power generation, transportation, energy saving and emission reduction, road maintenance and other functions. For example, our company provides PV projects for the Hort rest stop of the M3 highway in Hungary.

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4. PV+School

Installing PV systems in schools is the best solution to make school buildings completely self-sufficient in energy, reducing operating costs, consumption and environmental impact. In fact, precisely when there is a greater demand for energy, such as during morning classes, the use of solar energy can generate electricity immediately as it is generated and consumed, even without the cost of installing a non-self-consuming energy storage system.

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5. PV+ Carport

Photovoltaic carport is a combination of photovoltaic and building in the most simple way, making full use of the original site, easy to install, low cost. Solar carport can be divided into two types: solar integrated carport and piggyback solar carport, the former uses photovoltaic panels as the roof of the carport, the latter is installed on the roof of the carport photovoltaic panels. Both types of carports are characterized by efficient use of parking space that exists at the site of the electricity-demanding facility. Replacing the roof of the carport with photovoltaic modules achieves the function of power generation while providing shade and rain protection.

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Solar energy is widely used as a green energy source, and the use of photovoltaic power generation is becoming more and more widespread in all countries. Maysun solar has been focused on manufacturing high quality photovoltaic modules since its establishment in 2008. Our mission is Make Energy Sustainable, Make Life Better. Contact us and create a green future together!