Lightweight Bifacial Solar Panels: The Efficient Choicefor Balcony Power Plants

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2.Lightweight Solar Panels for Easy Handling and Installation

3.Designed to Adapt to Low-Load Roofs and Railings

4.Robust and Durable

5.Efficient Energy Utilization

6.Simple Installation Without the Need for Brackets

7.Flexible Output Power Adjustment



In the pursuit of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes, the role of solar photovoltaic systems has become increasingly significant, thanks to their ability to provide clean and renewable energy. This is especially relevant in urban environments where space is at a premium, making the optimization of every available square inch for energy production vital. Maysun Solar has responded to this challenge with its balcony solar power stations designed specifically for these conditions. These stations feature bifacial solar panels that are not only lightweight and simple to install but also boast high energy conversion efficiency. This advanced technology is a perfect match for the limited outdoor areas of city dwellings, turning each beam of sunlight into usable power while occupying minimal space.

These obstacles highlight the significance of Maysun Solar's cutting-edge lightweight bifacial solar panels. These panels are a solution to the limited space available in urban settings, providing remarkable performance benefits due to their efficient construction and choice of materials. In the subsequent parts, we will explore the primary benefits of these innovative solar panels from Maysun Solar, such as their ease of installation and handling, their specialized design tailored for rooftops and railings that cannot bear heavy loads, and their exceptional durability and efficiency in converting sunlight to electricity. These features render them perfectly suited for generating power on balconies.

Easy-to-Handle and Install Lightweight Panels

The balcony solar solutions from Maysun Solar represent the pinnacle of lightweight technology. At just 14KG, these panels are significantly lighter—25% less than the average solar panel. This reduction in weight makes them manageable for an individual to handle comfortably. Such user-friendly characteristics streamline the installation process, drastically cutting down on the labor required. Moreover, the straightforward design empowers homeowners to set up the panels independently, offering notable savings in terms of both time and expenses.

Easy-to-Handle and Install Lightweight Panels

Suitable for Low-Load Roof and Railing Designs

The unique construction of many commercial and historical buildings, especially those incorporating lightweight steel in their design, limits roof load capacity to about 5-10kg per square meter. In this context, the 14KG balcony solar panels from Maysun Solar emerge as the optimal solution. In contrast to the heavier traditional solar panels, which range from 15kg to 20kg per square meter and could potentially overburden these structures, Maysun Solar's offerings are designed to integrate seamlessly. Their compatibility ensures a secure and stable fit, even on balcony railings, preventing any risk of structural overload.

Easy installation

Robust Yet Lightweight Construction

The notion that lightweight materials are inherently weak is dispelled by Maysun Solar's Venusun S series of solar panels. These panels utilize 1.6 mm thick high-transmission, anti-reflective, reinforced tempered glass combined with a 35 mm black anodized aluminum alloy frame, enhanced by two additional reinforcement ribs on the rear. This composition guarantees both the panels' resilience and their dependable performance under substantial loads and in harsh climatic conditions, making them a superior selection for balcony solar energy solutions.

Maximized Energy Efficiency in Compact Spaces

The bifacial nature of these solar panels represents a pivotal benefit, allowing them to capture sunlight from both front and back surfaces. This dual-sided absorption capability significantly boosts energy efficiency, a critical feature for the limited expanses of balcony areas. In such constrained spaces, these panels can achieve an impressive 5%-20% increase in power output, optimizing the generation of clean energy in compact environments.

Maximized Energy Efficiency in Compact Spaces

Simple Installation Without the Need for Brackets

Maysun Solar’s balcony solar energy kit is comprehensively equipped with all necessary installation accessories for a hassle-free setup. The kit includes hooks, side clamps, a center clamp, two platens, two support elements, two sliders, and various fasteners. This array of components guarantees a firm and secure attachment of the solar panels to either railings or walls. Engineered for resilience, these panels are designed to withstand high wind pressures and heavy snow loads, ensuring that the system remains securely in place and functional, regardless of challenging weather conditions.

Flexible Power Output Adjustment

The balcony solar power system from Maysun Solar showcases remarkable versatility in design and superior functionality in operation. It is fitted with two 400W Hoymiles micro-inverters and offers the option of integrating a DTU (Data Transfer Unit), empowering users with the capability to track power generation metrics in real time. Utilizing a specialized mobile application, individuals can not only observe power generation figures as they occur but are also provided with the means to modify the power output levels of the mini power station.

Crucially, this system's ability to adjust power output is invaluable, granting users the flexibility to alternate between 600W and 800W, thereby complying with varying local energy regulations. For detailed guidance on adjusting power output with the DTU, refer to the document titled "A Step-by-Step DTU Guide for Balcony Solar Power Plants."

Flexible Power Output Adjustment


Maysun Solar's innovative lightweight bifacial solar panels exemplify the cutting edge in balcony solar power technology with their remarkable portability, high efficiency, robust durability, straightforward installation process, and versatile power output adjustment. These features position them as the premier option for individuals and enterprises in search of a cost-effective, high-performance, and environmentally friendly solution for balcony solar energy generation. Ideal for the spatial constraints of urban living or areas governed by stringent energy policies, Maysun Solar's offerings ensure that users can access top-tier energy solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Since launching in 2008, Maysun Solar has been dedicated to crafting superior photovoltaic modules, with a portfolio that extends beyond Balcony Solar Power Stations to encompass an array of aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced options, including full black, black frame, silver, and glass-glass solar panels. These products incorporate state-of-the-art technologies like half-cut cells, Multi Busbar (MBB), Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC), and shingled layouts, ensuring optimal performance and a sleek look that complements any architectural style.

With a global presence marked by offices and warehouses and solid partnerships with top-notch installers across various countries, Maysun Solar is committed to advancing the adoption of solar energy worldwide. We encourage you to reach out for the most recent module pricing or any inquiries related to photovoltaic technology. Our dedicated team is ready to support you in exploring the vast potential of solar power.


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