LONGi wafer price increase RMB4-4.6/PC, up 7%!

Silicon material is now quoted at RMB290/KG!

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On October 11, LONGi announced the latest wafer prices, the wafer prices generally increased RMB0.46/PC-RMB0.29/PC. G1 wafer price increased RMB0.29/PC, the current price is RMB5.53/PC, up 5.5%; M6 wafer increased RMB0.39/PC, the current price is RMB5.73/PC, up 7.3%; M10 wafer Up RMB0.46/PC, the current price is RMB6.87/PC, up 7.18%.

Longi Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer Prices
Monocrystalline wafer price trends from January 2020 to October 2021

According to informed sources, the current price of polysilicon has reached RMB290/KG and the actual transaction price has reached RMB258/KG.