Maysun Solar's 8th overseas warehouse is located in Giurgiu, Romania

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On March 31th, Maysun Solar set up its 8th overseas warehouse in Giurgiu, Romania.


New warehouse by Maysun Solar in Giurgiu, Romania

The Giurgiu overseas warehouse, which covers an area of 2,000 square meters, is located in southern Romania, near the capital Bucharest. 

The establishment of the Romanian warehouses covers the distribution network in southeastern Europe, including seven countries: Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Moldova, and Greece. Thus, friends in southeastern Europe can enjoy the fastest, most convenient and high-quality service as well as getting the spot goods directly without waiting. 

At present, Maysun solar has delivered 210MM400W white frame solar panels and 158MM 420W white frame solar panels to the Giurgiu warehouse in Romania. The former is expected to arrive on April 15th and the latter is expected to arrive on May 15th. 

Maysun 210MM400W pv module product specifications
Maysun158MM420W pv module product specifications


 The site selection of Maysun Solar's overseas warehouse has gone through more than 20 days and thousands of netizens from all over the world have heated discussions and votes on the location of the warehouse on Facebook. After confirming the poll result, we made a more than 100 hours  warehouse service negotiation and comparison. Maysun staffs traveled 1,800 kilometers to and from Hungary and Romania, and spent 26 hours in field investigation. They finally selected Giurgiu, which is the most convenient for customers in countries around Romania.

 Maysun's Facebook vote on location selection


Maysun Solar currently has 8 overseas warehouses, which are located in Warsaw, Poland, Milan, Italy, Budapest, Hungary, Dubai, UAE, Jakarta, Indonesia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Valencia, Spain, and Giurgiu, Romania. Maysun is also actively preparing to set up an overseas warehouse in South America to bring more convenient services to more customers, please stay tuned............