Maysun Solar PV Module Manufacturer Weekly News October 2021

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Maysun PV module production schedule (Sept. 30-Oct. 7).

I: European customers

400W-410W monocrystalline PV modules

Product specification: Using 210*210MM cells with 12BB bifurcation technology

Planned production: 2W wafers

400W-410W monocrystalline PV module

Product quantity: 50,000 pieces, size 1760*1098*30mm.

Shipment quantity: 20 40HQ containers.

Maysun PV module delivery schedule (September 30-October 7).

530-545W monocrystalline solar modules

Product specification: 10BB half cell technology using 182*182mm cells.

Shipment quantity: 20 40HQ containers.

European shipment quantity: size 1755*1038*30mm, power 400-410W all black monocrystalline PV module, 30 40HQ containers.

Maysun PV module inventory (September 30-October 7): 

1. 530-545W monocrystalline solar PV modules

Product specification: 182*182mm cells with 10BB bifurcation technology, size 2279*1134*35mm.

Product quantity: 10 40HQ containers

2. 400-410W monocrystalline silicon solar panels

Product specification: using 210*210mm cell 12BB bifurcation, size 1760*1098*30mm.       

Product quantity: 10 40HQ containers.