PV industry supply chain price report: upstream prices stable for now, module prices slowly rising

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PV industry supply chain price report: upstream prices stable for now, module prices slowly rising

PV silicon prices. 

This week, the rate of increase of photovoltaic silicon material slowed down, monocrystalline material transaction price rose slightly. As most of the first-line PV silicon enterprises have basically landed long orders, the line information price did not appear obvious adjustment, but a small part of the orders still continue the trend of upward adjustment, and successive transactions, to promote this week's mainstream quotation of silicon for monocrystalline in USD 40.24-43.06/KG, overseas markets, by the recent RMB against the US dollar exchange rate continued to strengthen, and China's offer high lift, this week's overseas PV silicon The average price reached USD 36.603/KG.

PV silicon

Observe the production operation and shipment of PV silicon link, China's twelve PV silicon enterprises in production, this week, two new enterprises routine maintenance, a total of four enterprises in the maintenance, one of which is affected by the power restriction policy to reduce production. since October, China's PV silicon offer rose by more than 20%, mainly for two reasons, one is the rise in silicon powder and other raw materials led to a significant increase in the cost of silicon. Second, the current round of PV silicon price increases can be smoothly transferred to the downstream, the market acceptance of the PV silicon offer high. As downstream demand continues to pull, in the PV silicon supply is relatively tight situation, there are companies have started the process of signing orders in November, but some areas of the epidemic repeatedly, resulting in higher logistics costs, delivery is blocked, coupled with raw materials such as silicon powder prices remain high, the impact of power restriction policy, the market instability factors looming, the PV silicon supply situation is still unclear.

Solar Wafer Price

Solar wafer demand has picked up this week, and solar wafer offers are running steadily. Following last week's price hike by leading silicon wafer companies, other second- and third-tier companies in the market followed suit one after another. Downstream companies have been accepting upward price hikes from the initial wait-and-see period, driving a slight pickup in overall solar wafer orders. This week, G1 and M6 mono wafer prices are stable at USD 0.87/PC and USD 0.90/PC, while M10 and G12 wafers are quoted at USD 1.08/PC and USD 1.42/PC. It is expected that downstream demand will gradually pick up in the short term, and Chinese solar wafer prices will continue to transmit PV silicon price fluctuations. However, the start-up rate varies from company to company, with vertically integrated companies having a higher start-up rate and some companies receiving orders from solar wafer foundries to keep production running. Some enterprises cut production before the "November" holiday, and did not resume after the holiday, the overall market start-up rate is still at a low level.

Solar Wafer

In terms of polysilicon wafers, the early impact of power restrictions and rising raw material costs, polysilicon wafer companies to reduce production to cope with the overall relatively stable prices this week, domestic and overseas polysilicon wafer prices at USD 0.38/PC and USD 0.329/PC.

solar cell

Solar cell quotes oscillated slightly this week, with overseas quotes rising. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, overseas solar cell quotations all saw a slight increase. At present, the average price of Chinese monocrystalline M6, M10 and G12 markets remained stable at USD 1.12/W, while monocrystalline G1 cells were offered at around USD 0.18/W. The overall market of polycrystalline cells was relatively stable.

solar cell

Recently, driven by the upstream industry chain, solar cell costs have risen sharply, but the terminal acceptance is low, the terminal orders due to the upstream costs all the way up, and the phenomenon of a decline in the number of new orders signed. Coupled with the continued impact of power restrictions in some areas in October, the current solar cell market start-up rate has basically fallen back to the lower water level in the early days, production cuts are still the current response of most enterprises.

Photovoltaic module price

PV module market prices are stable this week, but companies' offers are still confusing. The average market price of G1 and M6 modules is at USD 0.30/W and USD 0.32/W this week, while the average price of M10 and G12 modules is at USD 0.33/W. The rise of quotation in October has slightly shrunk the order volume of market transaction, and the game between PV module side and system vendor is obvious, some projects have suspended the procurement. At present, the bidding project quotation at home and abroad is significantly higher than the previous period, based on the positive expectation of the terminal electricity price increase, PV module end of the start-up rate and order price in the "November" holiday has been adjusted upward, the enterprise inventory is also increasing. This week's PV module quotation in the overall stable situation, the quotation is still more confusing, some quotations as high as USD 0.36/W, some second and third line PV module enterprise's quotation is still in the USD 0.31/W or so.

Photovoltaic module

At present, the PV module factory that is not affected by the power restriction is in full production, the order is delivered in time, but the cost pressure brought by the rising price of PV silicon and auxiliary materials is still not small, the PV module offer is rising, but the high price of the transaction rate is not enough. Old customers take the price stable, new customers are still wandering and wait and see, customers with projects affected by the project schedule had to consider the purchase of PV modules as soon as possible are also a large number of people.

PV module price forecast.

Last week PV module prices continue to slowly rise, the offer is only high, next week may stay at this high level for a short period of time, but the PV module factories due to power restrictions caused by the start-up rate is insufficient to meet the current demand for PV power plant project orders, prices continue to slowly rise is also more likely. Photovoltaic materials in addition to silicon prices are currently stable for the time being, to the cost of photovoltaic modules slightly reduce pressure. Investors with projects under construction, such as the schedule is not urgent, can wait and see for a while before purchasing, but the price is unlikely to fall. If the project delivery date can not be postponed, it is recommended to purchase PV modules in advance, to avoid the loss of PV module prices continue to rise.