Photovoltaic Power Plant FAQ

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1, To prevent the photovoltaic modules from being hit by heavy objects, can the PV array be fitted with wire protection netting?


It is not recommended to install a wire mesh. Because to the PV array to install wire protection net may be to the component local cause shadow, the formation of hot spot effect, on the entire PV power plant power generation efficiency caused by the impact. In addition, as qualified photovoltaic modules have passed the ice ball impact test, generally do not need to install the protective net.


2, how to choose qualified system accessories products, how long is warranty time?


It is recommended to choose system accessories that are certified by a state-approved certification body, and the key components and raw material models, specifications and manufacturers should be the same as the certified products. In addition, the specifications and technical parameters of all system components should be compatible with the design of the whole system. Generally speaking, the components require a warranty of at least 20 years and the inverter requires a warranty of at least 5 years.


3, Is the power generation monitoring data of the distributed grid-connected PV system the same as the metering data of the electricity meter? How big is the error?


A: The power generation monitoring data of the distributed PV grid-connected system and the metering data of the electricity meter are not necessarily the same. If the same power metering equipment is used at the same grid connection point and the accuracy is exactly the same, then the resulting data should be the same. However, the monitoring equipment used in grid-connected PV systems is often the equipment used by the system construction unit itself, while the electricity metering equipment is often the equipment installed by the electricity department, so the equipment is different and the data obtained may have some discrepancies. How much error there is depends on the circumstances. And the settlement of electricity and subsidy costs is based on the metering equipment installed by the electricity department.