PV Industry Supply Chain Price Report 22 November - 28 November 2021

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PV Industry Supply Chain Price Report 22 November - 28 November 2021

Solar silicon prices stable, but downstream pickup slow, gaming state increasingly obvious

This week's solar silicon quotes were weak and stable, with bargaining pressure gradually transferred to the solar silicon market after the PV downstream market cut prices. Orders, due to some of the solar silicon enterprises orders have been signed to December, this week's solar silicon new orders signed less, the overall market turnover is small. But the upstream and downstream game state is becoming more and more obvious, the downstream take some slow and weakened, the market wait-and-see atmosphere continues to intensify. The average price of monocrystalline solar silicon remained at USD42.45/KG, with the market quotation ranging from USD41.51-43.07/KG. Overseas prices were affected by the stable domestic solar silicon quotation and exchange rate, with the recent price around USD36.9/KG.

Solar silicon production operation and shipping situation, 12 Chinese solar silicon enterprises in production, of which 1 enterprise has not resumed full production. The current production enterprises are maintaining a high crop rate operation, China's new silicon production capacity has been put into production, is expected to December solar silicon production chain increase. In the face of some solar wafer enterprises price pressure, slowing down the progress of taking, while the upstream solar raw material silicon powder prices than the previous fall, a few solar silicon enterprises are expected to small concessions. But the end of the year solar silicon orders are full, the supply on the market is basically digested by downstream purchases, the overall solar silicon market prices are difficult to appear a significant drop.

Solar wafer prices fluctuate, M10 monocrystalline wafers see price loosening due to increased supply

Solar wafer prices continued to fluctuate this week, with M10 solar wafer prices falling slightly. Among the monocrystalline solar wafers, as the supply of monocrystalline M10 products increased in the market, the price quotations showed some relaxation, but due to the small volume of transactions this week and the fact that leading companies did not adjust their external quotations, the market quotation range was slightly reduced to USD1.05-1.07/PC.

The production and shipment of solar wafers, integrated enterprises to speed up the progress of downstream shipments, crop rate remained at a high level. The crop rate of first-tier leading enterprises was relatively low, mainly due to factors such as cost and future supply pattern. There were also second- and third-tier companies with poor shipments and rising inventory pressure, so they were slightly passive when bargaining with the downstream at the time of quotation.

Solar cell offers slightly loosened, polycrystalline solar cell prices retraced

As a result of the downward adjustment of upstream solar wafer prices and the shift in demand towards larger sizes, some solar cell companies were forced by downstream pressure to make small concessions on their monocrystalline cell product offers, but the transaction amount did not fluctuate significantly. The mainstream price of monocrystalline M6 cells is at USD0.169-0.172/W, while the mainstream prices of M10 and G12 monocrystalline cells are at USD0.180/W and USD0.175/W respectively. The shipments of some solar cell enterprises' bulk cells have declined significantly recently, and the downstream's purchasing will is weaker, with the voices singing down in the market gradually appearing. In addition, recently came the signal of overseas tariff rate reduction, but still need a certain reaction time.

In terms of polycrystalline solar cells, under the high upstream cost market conditions, the demand is relatively general and the products are trading under pressure, with mainstream prices at home and abroad currently falling to USD0.139/W and USD0.018/W.

Large-sized PV module quotes fall slightly, overseas tariff cut favours module market

PV module prices continued to fluctuate this week, with large-sized PV module prices falling slightly. This week, most of the PV module enterprises are mainly executing the previous orders, and the quotations of mainstream enterprises have not been adjusted. A small number of PV module companies, in order to grab orders, maintained stable quotations, but slackened slightly in transactions, with a drop of around USD0.003/W. The current price of 182mm PV modules has been reduced to USD0.325/W and 210mm PV modules have been reduced to USD0.327/W. Although there are signals from upstream that the price is loosening, the recent announcement of tariff reductions overseas has been a positive for the PV module market and has supported the price.

Next week's PV module price forecast.

PV module prices fluctuated slightly this week. Next week, as the Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays are getting closer, Chinese PV module factories are producing at full capacity and it is difficult to schedule new orders, with the mainstream of shipments dominated by the market's mainstream large size 210mm PV modules. Customized orders are not convenient for PV module factories to switch production lines, and many factories have stopped taking orders for smaller orders. For small and medium sized solar panel dealers and installers, it is recommended to purchase mainstream PV modules from the market, at a manageable price and with a fast delivery cycle, and try to ship before the Chinese New Year to avoid delayed delivery to your end customers.