PV Module and Upstream Industry Chain Real-time Price Quotes

20 September - 26 September 2021

· PV Price Trends
The whole photovoltaic industry chain: PV industry price quotes for each supply chain and late PV module price forecasts from September 20 - September 26, 2021.

Solar Grade Silicon Price Trend

The solar grade silicon market was relatively uneventful this week, with overall prices rising slightly. Most solar grade silicon plants are still in the delivery period and have not made any adjustments to their mainstream offers, driving the mainstream solar grade monocrystalline silicon offers in the market to remain around RMB217/KG (USD30.22/KG) and polysilicon offers around RMB108/KG (USD15.02/KG). A small number of second- and third-tier solar-grade monocrystalline silicon bulk orders were driven by the increase in PV wafer prices, which rose slightly to around RMB220/KG (USD30.21/KG). Near the end of the month, most of the first-line solar grade silicon companies will soon announce their October pricing, and solar grade silicon prices are expected to rise further in the market.

Observing the production operation and shipment of solar grade silicon links, twelve solar grade silicon enterprises in China are in production, three of which are primary polysilicon enterprises routinely overhauling their equipment as planned, while the other two are affected by power restrictions exacerbating the shutdown and overhaul until the end of the month, with plans to resume operations by mid-October. It is reported that the recent strengthening of China's many places to limit electricity production double control control impact, including China's YUNNAN production restrictions to promote solar grade silicon prices jumped, the short-term photovoltaic crystal silicon material market oversupply situation for the time being no signs of relief, or cause some downstream photovoltaic silicon wafer enterprises raw material procurement restrictions, while China NEIMENG, XINJIANG, QINGHAI, etc. as solar grade silicon material The impact of policies and climate on production is still to be seen. Overall, the current overhaul of some solar grade silicon enterprises has caused China's silicon output to fall short of expectations in October. It is expected that the impact of power restriction policies and production shutdowns will raise solar grade silicon prices by around 15%, giving a boost to solar panel prices later in the year.

Solar Silicon

PV Silicon Wafer Price Trend

This week, the PV wafer market has been clearing low priced resources, and the overall price has remained stable at a high level. This week, a leading PV wafer company announced its latest PV wafer offer, up 5-6%, but there are still some PV wafer companies in the market to follow up, gradually reducing low-priced resources, driving G1 158.75mm and M6 166mm PV monocrystalline wafer prices to RMB5.18/PC (USD0.72/PC) and RMB5.28/PC (USD0.735/PC) respectively. USD0.735/PC), M10 182mm PV wafers were quoted at RMB6.41/PC (USD0.883/PC) and G12 210mm PV wafers were quoted at RMB8.35/PC (USD1.156/PC). As for PV polysilicon wafers, the market trading situation dropped slightly due to the continuous price increase, and the shipment volume gradually decreased. The price of PV polysilicon wafers was stable at RMB2.37/PC (USD0.322/PC) this week.

PV Silicon Wafer

As for the start-up rate, driven by the rebound in downstream demand, most PV wafer enterprises' start-up situation improved significantly, with capacity utilization reaching 70-90%. Near the end of the month, PV wafer enterprises will soon sign after-market orders, due to the lack of incremental supply of upstream solar grade silicon, some enterprises production restrictions, production costs are expected to rise, the PV wafer market raw material procurement cost pressure to rise, after the market price quotes towards the main factors by the PV wafer leading enterprise pricing and the impact of China's power restriction policy, is expected to continue to rise in October PV wafer prices.

Solar Cell Price Trend

This week, solar cell cost pressure has multiplied and is in a loss-making state, with market offers in disarray. The biggest factor affecting solar cell prices recently is the upstream PV silicon wafer price increase and the impact of power restrictions and production limits. In the past two weeks, leading photovoltaic silicon wafer enterprises have been increasing the price of photovoltaic silicon wafers, resulting in solar cell costs continue to rise, profit margins are squeezed, in a loss-making state, so the game with the photovoltaic silicon wafer end is relatively obvious. A small number of solar cell enterprises, due to the rebound in downstream demand, accept the latest offer of PV wafers, increase the purchase volume of PV wafers, and also the latest offer of solar cells to make corresponding adjustments, the rate of increase in RMB0.02-0.03/W (USD0.005/W), but the overall volume of transactions is not large.

The current price of M6 166mm solar cells is RMB1.12/W (USD0.17/W), while the price of M10 182mm and G12 210mm solar cells are RMB1.08/W (USD0.155/W), RMB1.06/W (USD0.153/W), respectively. (USD0.153/W). Near the end of the month, several leading solar cell manufacturing enterprises because of power restrictions shutdown reduce production, will intensify the supply of solar cells, price increases are expected to be strong, downstream PV module manufacturers because of the rise in solar cells and PV module auxiliary material costs soaring constraints, October scheduling plan or not meet expectations, the start rate fell, solar cell price adjustment needs to be decided by the downstream PV module enterprises orders In October, it will rise further.

Solar Cell

Photovoltaic Modules Price Trend

This week's PV module prices because of the impact of power restrictions, the overall rise, PV module packaging with EVA because of the shortage of raw materials, prices soared 45%, the impact on the cost of PV modules is huge, in addition to PV modules with aluminum frame, glass, junction box, silicone also have price increases, some PV module companies offer a small increase. Recently, with the upstream photovoltaic silicon wafers, solar cell link price increases, the cost of photovoltaic modules continue to rise. Some PV module companies have tentatively raised their quotations by RMB0.065/W (USD0.01/W) or so, with some deals available. The mainstream offer of first-line PV module enterprises has still not been adjusted, some PV module enterprises feedback that the downstream demand for customer procurement of PV module prices is very low acceptance, PV power station project side cost pressure is very high, the current pressure on the PV module link is the largest, at the edge of loss. PV module production costs in the solar cell and all the auxiliary materials are rising under pressure, the start-up rate is only about 60-80%. As PV module factory output decreases, solar panel prices are expected to continue to rise.

Photovoltaic Modules

Solar Panel Price Trend Forecast

This week's solar panel price trend: because of the impact of China's power restrictions, photovoltaic industry chain generally lower production supply shortage, solar-grade silicon material is expected to rise 15%, resulting in PV silicon wafers, solar cells continue to slowly rise, EVA film prices soared and the shortage of raw materials, procurement difficulties on the cost of photovoltaic modules and production impact appeared, photovoltaic module prices continue to be under pressure. The acceptance of photovoltaic module enterprises difficulties, the start-up rate fell, production further reduced, early orders in a loss-making state, solar panel prices in October prices are expected to rise by about 4-6%.

EVA film