Photovoltaics price: the supply chain price remains high

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Silicon: Supply is still in short supply, and prices may remain high

Observing the production and operation of the silicon material link this week, two companies are still under maintenance, and it is expected to return to normal in late September; the increase in China's polysilicon supply from October will alleviate the current supply shortage to a certain extent.

In terms of price, the mainstream price of mono-grade polysilicon remains in the range of 43.421-43.851 US dollars per kilogram, and the price of recycled polysilicon is slightly higher than this range, but the overall signed price has gradually shown a stable trend, and the transaction price range has gradually expanded, that is, between high and low prices. The range of quotations began to widen. Due to the overall tightness of the supply of silicon materials in September, the short-term price is expected to remain high.

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Silicon wafers: the overall remains unchanged, Zhonghuan increases the price of silicon wafers

Although the supply of monocrystalline silicon wafers was affected by many unfavorable factors caused by the earthquake and power cuts in Sichuan Province, the overall production of silicon wafers in September still has the opportunity to increase month-on-month, and the supply volume gradually increased in late September. However, from the perspective of supply of different sizes, the increase in the supply of 210mm size silicon wafers is limited, while the increase in the supply of 182mm size silicon wafers is gradually increasing.

TCL Zhonghuan, one of the leading silicon wafer companies, raised the price of silicon wafers on September 8. The mainstream price of P-type 210mm-150μm specifications rose to US$1.442 per piece. Up to now, it is observed that the high range of the 210mm size transaction price has indeed risen and is close to the price level announced by Central, but whether the average price level can rise smoothly, the market still needs time to react.

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Cells: as same as last week, or will remain high

Although the cell price is at a high point, the current purchase demand of some first-tier manufacturers is around 0.5-1Gw, which supports the cell price in September.

The transaction price of battery cells remained stable this week. The prices of M6, M10 and G12 cells were around US$0.167-0.169 per watt, US$0.169-0.188 per watt, and US$0.169 per watt respectively.

Among them, the transaction volume of 182mm size in the high-priced segment of 0.188 US dollars per watt continued to increase, and even the quotation of 0.225 yuan per watt was heard. In the case of 210mm size, the US dollar price also rose slightly under the situation of tight supply of silicon wafers.

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Modules: Slightly slipped

Module prices fell slightly in September, mainly due to weak demand and fluctuations in exchange rate factors. Currently, most projects in the fourth quarter are on the sidelines. The current European module price range is about US$0.25-0.33 per watt. The average price of single glass is US$0.268 per watt, and the average price of double glass is US$0.273 per watt, down 0.7% from last week.

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