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Photovoltaic Price Trends:

The CNMIA's Silicon Industry Branch reported increased costs for solar-grade polysilicon on August 23rd.

The market value of an n-type material was RMB84,000-93,000 (US$11,526.3-12,761.2)/tonne, with an average of RMB89,100 (US$12203)/tonne, up 5.32% week on week. Mono recharging chips were traded at RMB72,000-80,000 (US$9861-10956)/tonne, with the average at RMB77,200 (US$10573)/tonne, an increase of 3.21% week on week.

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Photovoltaic technology News:

On February 21, 2011, Heraeus, a German business, opened a silver paste production in Singapore to meet growth. Photovoltaic Silver Paste is a type of coating used in the production of solar cells. It possesses conductive and sticky qualities and is typically consisting of silver particles, organic solvents, and organic polymers.

Photovoltaic silver paste is used to form the positive electrode of a battery and is utilized in the fabrication of solar cells. Silver paste is coated or printed on the surface of the silicon wafer on the front side of the solar cell to generate a grid of metal electrodes. These silver paste conductive meshes aid in the collection and delivery of electricity to the battery's circuits, boosting the battery's efficiency.

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Europe's emerging energy markets are expanding:

The urgent need to accelerate decarbonization and ensure additional electricity independence in Europe has set the continent on a path of rapid solar PV adoption. Historically, Germany and Spain have been the most active markets in European solar PV development, followed by the Netherlands, France, and Italy. Poland, located in Eastern Europe, has undergone a surge in solar PV growth in recent years and is poised to become one of Europe's most important markets.

While Poland has the potential to be a driving force in EU solar penetration, it is not the only major emerging country in Eastern Europe. Romania and Greece are both making progress toward decarbonization, and both have the potential to be significant drivers in Europe.

Greece and Romania are two of Europe's most developed marketplaces. Greece added 1.34GW of solar power last year, boosting its total to 5.5GW, joining Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, and France.

In a research published this year by trade organization SolarPower Europe, the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO) anticipated that Greece's total solar capacity would reach 13.6GW-16.3GW by 2030.

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Most Southern European countries still have a long way to go before meeting regional targets for expanding solar PV installation rates. Northern European countries such as Greece, Romania, and Poland have evolved to a more advanced stage of solar deployment and may soon rank among Europe's top ten in terms of installed capacity.

While the penetration of renewables in national electricity generation portfolios varies significantly, all nations will need to step up their game if they are to contribute to the European Union's stated goal of 740GW of installed solar PV capacity by the end of this decade and thus meet decarbonization targets.

Photovoltaic business news:

Infolink's (A market research firm) top 10 module providers boosted their annual shipments by 57% year on year to 159-160 GW in the first half of this year, with the growth rate slowing slightly within the same time frame. When comparing year-over-year growth, the second quarter's relative increase was merely 28%. The primary reason for this is a mix of lower-than-expected second-quarter demand and the impact of offshore inventory on the fermentation process. There has been a slight trend toward domestic sales, but the overall wait-and-see mentality remains. The level gap between manufacturers has widened this year as a result of surplus and technological revolution.

top 10 module providers

Note:The final data is subject to the company's own announcement.

The "OFweek 2023 (14th) Solar Photovoltaic Industry Conference and Annual Award Ceremony of the Photovoltaic Industry" was successfully held on August 28, 2023 in Shenzhen, China, and was jointly organized by OFweek and its authoritative photovoltaic professional media - WKN-PV.

This is the 14th Solar PV Industry Conference organized by WKN-PV, which brings together well-known power groups, energy investors, integrated energy service providers, PV EPC integrators, PV module manufacturers, and advanced material and equipment suppliers from both home and abroad to celebrate WKN-PV and the enterprises' 14 years of growth. The selection activity has had a significant impact on the industry since its inception, garnering significant attention and active participation from the whole PV industry.

The selection committee summarized the data and submitted it to the expert review group for complete grading after a hot enterprise declaration and rigorous voting competition, and eventually picked the winners of this year's numerous prizes.

The Wike Cup-OFweek 2023 Excellent Household PV Brand was awarded to LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


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