Solar silicon in short supply, PV module prices widely accepted

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Solar silicon

Most of the solar silicon enterprises in May orders have been signed, some solar silicon enterprises are facing orders in excess of the status quo, no material available. Next week is expected to start negotiating orders for June, limited by the solar silicon shortage and solar wafer demand is high, the short term solar silicon supply will continue to exceed demand, solar silicon prices are still expected to rise slightly next week.

Solar wafers

This week, the price of M10 solar wafers was around 1.013USD/PCS and the price of G12 solar wafers was around 1.363USD/PCS. New orders for solar wafers this week were low, mostly based on the execution of previous orders; pv modules’ demand continued to increase, thus also increasing the demand for large size solar wafers. Part of the M6 size solar wafer production capacity to step up the transformation, M10 solar wafer production capacity has increased, G12 solar wafer supply is slightly tight; on the one hand, limited by the lack of silicon supply, on the other hand, the shortage of crucibles for rod pulling has not yet been effectively alleviated. Some companies said, affected by this, solar wafer output has been reduced, if the production situation in June has not been improved, and the demand for solar wafers continue, solar wafer prices are still likely to rise.

For polysilicon wafers, prices continued to rise due to reduced resources.

Solar cells

Monocrystalline M6 solar cells price was at around 0.169USD/W, M10 solar cells at around 0.176USD/W and G12 solar cells at around 0.175USD/W.

Recent solar cell and photovoltaic module game tends to be intense, photovoltaic module enterprises to slow down the purchase, the acceptance of solar cell prices decline, solar cell prices do not have enough power to rise. Some enterprises reflected that the recent solar cell inventory gradually increased, is still within the normal range, the price has a downward trend, with the order situation in June gradually clear, the game results will appear.

PV modules

The price of monocrystalline 166mm PV modules is around 0.281USD/W, monocrystalline 182mm PV modules is around 0.285USD/W and monocrystalline 210mm PV modules is around 0.288USD/W.

This week's PV module order transaction is not much, cost pressure gradually appeared, low price resources have been very difficult to find. 20 May, the Three Gorges Group 2022 PV module centralized procurement bid opening, PV module average price are in 0.293USD / W above. At present, the demand for PV modules has fallen, distributed projects are still hot, China Zhejiang, Xi'an and other places still have local subsidies to support the development; for oversea regions, supported by the European policy, PV module export prices can be widely accepted, the demand is hot.

For auxiliary materials, there is no change in glass quotation this week, 3.2mm glass price is around 4.258USD/㎡, 2.0mm glass price is around 3.362USD/㎡. Following the increase in glass prices in the last two weeks, the PV module procurement action slowed down significantly and there was no significant change in glass quotations.

Next week's forecast

This week's PV module order transaction is not much, cost pressure gradually emerged, low-cost resources have been very difficult to find. At the same time, by the European policy support, PV module export prices can be widely accepted, the demand for heat does not diminish. In this condition, PV module enterprises bear certain cost pressure, if the upstream of the industry chain solar silicon and solar wafer prices continue to rise, PV module enterprises also have the possibility of increasing the price of PV modules, hope that customers with PV projects as early as possible to stock up to reduce cost losses.