The price of photovoltaic industry chain: the price of solar silicon wafer fluctuates slightly, and the price of photovoltaic module is stable

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Solar silicon materials
At present, the overall supply of the solar silicon material market is tight, and the price has risen slightly. On the one hand, due to the epidemic, the supply of solar silicon materials is insufficient, and the output has been affected. At the same time, the production capacity of solar silicon wafer enterprises continued to increase, the demand for solar silicon materials increased, and the shortage of supply intensified, resulting in price increases; Scattered orders and urgent orders to purchase raw materials at high prices have also raised the price of solar silicon materials.

Solar wafers

The transaction price of M10 mainstream monocrystalline solar wafers is around 1.01USD/PCS, and the transaction price of G12 mainstream monocrystalline solar wafers is around 1.01USD/PCS. On April 27, LONGi and Zhonghuan raised the price of their solar wafers one after another. LONGi raised the price of its monocrystalline solar wafer P-type M10 165μm thickness monocrystalline solar wafer to USD 1.02, an increase of about 0.6% over the previous time; Zhonghuan raised the price. The price of its 160μm and 150μm P-type monocrystalline solar silicon wafers increased by 0.009-0.016USD/PCS. Compared with April 2, the price after the increase was between 1.05% and 1.2%, of which 210MM and 218.2 Both MM sizes of solar silicon wafers rose by more than 0.015USD/PCS.


This week, due to the low demand for polycrystalline solar wafers, the mainstream transaction prices continued to rise, until about 0.366USD/PCS, and even a small part was sold at around 0.369USD/PCS; for monocrystalline solar wafers, the demand was temporarily stable, only A small number of orders were filled at high prices. According to market feedback, due to the recent impact of the epidemic, the overall operating rate of solar wafers is currently around 70%-80%.

Solar cells

The mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline M6 solar cells is around 0.167USD/W, the mainstream transaction price of M10 solar cells is around 0.175USD/W, and the mainstream transaction price of G12 solar cells is around 0.175USD/W. After the price increase of solar cells last week, the market is still in the process of gradually accepting it. The material transportation problem caused by the current epidemic still exists, the material flow is not smooth, and the recent demand for orders has continued, and the demand for monocrystalline M6 solar cells is relatively small. The transaction price fluctuated obviously. The demand for M10 and G12 solar cells was stable, and the price was also stable accordingly.

PV modules

The price of photovoltaic modules this week was the same as last week. The mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 166MM photovoltaic modules was around 0.279 USD/W, the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 182MM photovoltaic modules was around 0.284 USD/W, and the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 210MM photovoltaic modules was 0.287 USD/W. USD/W or so. At present, the epidemic situation in China is still relatively severe, the transportation problem has not been solved, the production scheduling plan of some photovoltaic module companies has been affected, and the operating rate has been reduced. Chinese enterprises are mostly on the fence, with poor project start-up, few centralized projects, and some distributed projects lagging behind due to the impact of the epidemic; overseas market demand continues, and market demand in Europe and Latin America continues to increase. With more orders, as the output of solar silicon material increases and the epidemic eases, the price game will gradually become clear.


In terms of auxiliary materials, the price of glass continued to maintain stability this week. The mainstream transaction price of 3.2mm glass was about 4.18USD/㎡, and the mainstream transaction price of 2.0mm glass was about 3.13USD/㎡. The overall demand for glass was stable, and the quotation did not fluctuate significantly. Transportation in some areas Restricted, the transaction rate decreased.


Next week forecast
The price of monocrystalline silicon material rose this week, and the solar silicon wafer fluctuated slightly. However, the demand in China and overseas markets was strong in the first quarter. With the increase in the production capacity of solar silicon material, the price game of photovoltaic modules will gradually become clear. Stock up as soon as possible to reduce cost losses.