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1. All-black N-Topcon double-glass PV module

This new module offers unparalleled performance and durability with a lifetime of up to 30 years and a conversion rate of 22.8%.
The all-black N-topcon double-glass PV module features advanced Topcon cell technology and a double-sided glass design to improve overall performance and longevity.
Maysun Solar's new modules feature an all-black appearance, making them a stylish and attractive addition to any home or business. Its sleek design is ideal for installations where aesthetics are a primary concern, such as residential or commercial rooftops.

N-TOPCon double-glass PV

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2. New 410W all-black PV module

Shingled technology is used, offering a high efficiency conversion rate of 21.6% and excellent shading resistance.
The tile technology used in the module minimizes the energy loss caused by shading, resulting in a higher overall efficiency compared to conventional solar modules. This means that even with partial shading, the module can still produce a significant amount of electricity, maximizing energy production and increasing the customer's return on investment.
In addition to using tile technology, the modules are black to match the aesthetics of the building.

Shingled PV

3. All-black 390-410W PV modules specifically designed for balcony PV systems

This innovative product promises to revolutionize the way solar energy is used in residential and commercial buildings by providing an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for urban environments.
With its sleek and stylish black design, Maysun Solar's new black 390-410W PV module blends seamlessly with the architecture of modern buildings, making it ideal for balcony PV systems in urban areas where space is limited.

balcony PV

The all-black 370W PV module offers several advantages, including a matching micro-inverter. This unique feature offers several advantages that make it an attractive option for balcony PV systems in urban environments.

One of the main advantages of the aperture extension is the ability to fully accommodate the microinverter. By doing so, the Maysun Solar module provides enough space for the installation of the microinverters, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of the PV system.
The backsheet frame tucks in all the wires and improves the overall aesthetics of the balcony. Conventional PV modules often have visible cables and components that can detract from the visual appeal of a balcony. However, with this product, the cables are hidden by the frame, giving the balcony a sleeker and cleaner look. This is particularly important in urban environments where aesthetics play an important role in the design and appearance of a building.

Balcony power station product

4. Twisun X series for high snow loads

Designed for high snow load areas, Twisun X features a double-glazed construction and an all-black aesthetic, making it both elegant and highly durable.
With a frontal snow load capacity of 6,000 Pa and improved mechanical load capacity, Twisun X provides a reliable and efficient solution for homeowners in heavy snow areas. The panel has a high energy conversion efficiency of 21.2%, making it ideal for homeowners looking to reduce energy costs and minimize their carbon footprint.

Twisun X

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Of course we also have a wide range of other models of the same size in silver with black trim for you to choose from. You can ask us any questions via the WhatsApp button.