The latest PV materials, the companies that master Perovskite technology

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PV modules are mainly divided into crystalline silicon modules and thin film modules according to the different materials, among which Perovskite is a representative of the third generation of high-efficiency thin film cells, which is the next generation of PV power generation technology with great potential.
Compared to the bulky and fragile crystalline silicon modules, thin film cells are thin and ductile, which greatly reduces the difficulty of building construction, and have the advantages of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low manufacturing cost and light weight, which can be used in PV power generation, BIPV and other fields. and not a replacement relationship.

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There are currently several companies with Perovskite technology at their core, as follows

Oxford Photovoltaics (Oxford PV)

Oxford PV is a manufacturer of titanium ore solar cells and a leader in Perovskite solar technology. 23 July 2021 - Oxford PV, the leader in Perovskite solar cells, announces the completion of its production site in Brandenburg am Hafel, Germany. The facility houses the world's first batch production line for Oxford PV's innovative Perovskite silicon on tandem solar cells, with a target annual manufacturing capacity of 100MW.

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Fibrina Photovoltaics completed the world's first 100MW Perovskite volume production line in early 2022 and opened the world's first Perovskite concentrated PV ground plant in February with an installed plant size of 12MW. and set a world record for panel pieces seven times.

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The world's largest size of 1mx2m chalcogenide module produced by GCL Photovoltaic has come off the production line and the world's first 100MW mass production line invested in has completed the construction of plant and major hardware in Kunshan to be put into mass production in 2022.

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UtmoLight's 756cm² large size Perovskite PV modules have achieved a conversion efficiency of 18.2%. In terms of industrial layout, the 150MW pilot line project was officially launched: the first GW-scale production line will be launched in 2023 and 10GW capacity will be built in 2026.

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Infi Solar

Infi Solar received tens of millions of RMB in angel round financing, which will be used for the construction of a pilot line for large size Perovskite solar modules and the expansion of the R&D and mass production technical team. The construction of the pilot line is expected to be completed in the third quarter and the mass production of large size modules will be realized in 2022.

Gret Solar

Ltd. is planning to build 10GW of high-efficiency photovoltaic cell production capacity, the project is divided into three phases, Phase I has been completed and put into operation 3GW high-efficiency PERC crystalline silicon cell project; Phase II plans to invest in the construction of 5GW 210 compatible 182 TOPCon battery intelligent factory; Phase III proposed to build HJT heterojunction stacked Perovskite cell project.


Baoxin Technology cooperates with Soochow University to develop Perovskite solar cells, Perovskite-silicon stacked solar cells and production. It is planned to complete the process planning, technology path design and overall construction of the production line for "100MW-scale Perovskite cells or Perovskite-HJT laminated cells" within the next 2 years, and to complete GW-scale stable mass production within the next 3 years.

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With the acceleration of industrialisation and technological progress, the future production cost of Perovskite modules is expected to be significantly reduced, especially when Perovskite is stacked with HJT, TOPCon, IBC and other crystalline silicon cell technologies, which can increase the cell efficiency to over 30%. By then, the competitiveness of Perovskite modules will be significantly improved and the market share will be increasing. The investment in Perovskite cells is now hot, but there is still a long way to go before they can be used on a large scale. It will take time to verify whether Perovskite solar cells can beat the mighty crystalline silicon.

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