PV industry supply chain prices heading for stability, large power plant projects still quoted at high levels

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PV industry supply chain prices heading for stability, large power plant projects still quoted at high levels

PV silicon prices stable, with a possible wave of increases around Christmas

PV silicon quotations continue to remain stable this week, with prices unchanged from last week. The start-up rate of Chinese silicon enterprises did not change much, and production capacity and shipments were basically flat. Quotations for small volume orders remained high. With Western Christmas and Chinese New Year approaching, it is very likely that there will be another wave of price increases.

Overall price stability for PV wafers

This week's silicon wafer offers are largely unchanged from last week, with overall prices stable. If there are new fluctuations in PV silicon prices, PV wafer prices will follow suit.

Solar cell quotations are basically stable, with bargaining fluctuations of around USD 0.0031/W

Solar cell offers and transaction prices were basically stable this week. From the demand side, the downstream acceptance of solar module prices is still not high, the solar module side of the start-up rate is not high, the solar cell procurement demand remains on the sidelines, which is transmitted to the solar cell market start-up, shipping pressure increased, some of the first-tier enterprises of monocrystalline solar cell quotes are still stable, but the relatively high flexibility of the second and third-tier enterprises, negotiating orders for different products in different bargaining methods. Solar cell prices continued to fluctuate at around USD 0.0031/W.

Solar module prices remain stable

Solar module prices continued to stabilise this week, as forecast last week, with PV plant module offers at a relatively high level. With some projects being delayed over the winter, the efficiency of solar module shipments has decreased and some small and medium sized solar module factories have become impatient and are planning to close orders at a discount. However, in the absence of significant changes in upstream offers, solar module cost prices and sales prices are almost flat. In addition, recent downstream PV material companies have been releasing new products such as inverters and stents to strengthen the service life of the full range of PV products and focus on improving efficiency and reducing costs.

PV industry next week's market forecast.

This week's solar module prices are basically stable, next week without special circumstances will not have too much fluctuation. Near the end of the year, we have not seen a downward trend in prices, but rather the possibility of price increases.