6 Tips to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic system

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Faced with rising energy bills, more and more people are planning to install photovoltaic systems. So what can we do to get photovoltaic systems to produce more electricity? Here are six tips to help you.

1. Choose the high quality and high efficiency PV modules

There are many module types on the market to choose from. According to the solar cell can be divided into amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Among them, crystalline silicon can be divided into polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon, and amorphous silicon modules are mainly thin film modules.

Theoretical power generation = total annual average solar radiation * total battery area * photoelectric conversion efficiency

There are two factors here: cell area and photoelectric conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency has a direct impact on the power generation of the photovoltaic system. At present, most of the cells on the market are P-type cells, while the theoretical conversion efficiency limit of PERC cells is 24.5%. More and more manufacturers are turning to N-type technology to seek higher conversion efficiency.

In addition to the conversion efficiency, you should also refer to the product price, warranty, power attenuation, and the company's after-sales service. Taking all into consideration, choose the most suitable photovoltaic panel for you.

Are you still struggling with which photovoltaic panel to buy? Maysun Solar is a good choice. We have quality solar panels for your needs. For example, our TwiSun series of double-glass modules have higher conversion rate and better appearance, and are specially designed for distributed photovoltaics in Europe.

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2. Choose a high-quality inverter

Photovoltaic inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current, and is an important part of photovoltaic system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the photovoltaic system, it is particularly important to select an appropriate inverter. There are not many factors that affect the efficiency of the inverter in daily life. Pay attention to install the inverter in a cool place and keep the surrounding ventilation to facilitate the inverter to dissipate heat. Especially in summer and autumn, normal heat dissipation can keep the inverter working normally.

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3. Choose the best installation angle

Photovoltaic modules are most efficient when sunlight is perpendicular to their surface. So when installing PV modules, it is very important to choose the correct direction and angle. Germany is in the northern hemisphere, so the best direction is due south. The sun's position changes over the course of a day or a year, but photovoltaic modules are permanently installed on roofs or flat ground. Therefore, the installation angle that is closest to the average optimum roof pitch for the whole year is usually selected. In addition, constraints such as the slope angle of snow falling and the slope angle of the roof should also be considered during installation. In Germany, a roof pitch between 30 and 35 degrees is optimal.

We recommend that you find a professional installer. Professionals will survey your roof on the spot and give the optimal installation plan to ensure the highest output. Maysun Solar has a wide range of professional installer partners all over Europe and can be trusted. If you are looking for some installers, you can contact us. We can recommend the right installer for you!

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4. Avoid installing solar systems in shaded areas

Since solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, shadows can impair power output. Chimneys, trees, or other objects can block your PV system from receiving sunlight. Therefore, in the process of choosing the installation address, be sure to avoid areas that may be shaded by light. Even if only one photovoltaic cell is shaded, it affects the energy produced by its neighboring cells because it acts as a resistor.

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5. Clean your PV system in time

Objects like dust, fallen leaves, etc. can gradually build up on your solar panels, reducing the power output. Especially in areas with less precipitation, the impact of dust on electricity output will be greater. So it's best to clean your PV system regularly.

In addition, for areas that often snow, the snow on the photovoltaic modules needs to be cleaned in time. Timely cleaning of photovoltaic modules can not only ensure power generation, but also avoid hot spot effects and prolong the service life of modules.

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 6. Use smart device control and energy management systems

Smart control devices can monitor entire energy systems and individual devices, optimize energy efficiency and power consumption, and visualize and control energy flow through digital interfaces. Using smart control devices can turn a home into a smart house, where the electricity consumption time is adapted to the photovoltaic power generation. In this way, you can use the electricity generated by your photovoltaic system more efficiently.

There are many ways to help your PV system reach its full potential. Among them, the most important thing is to choose high-quality photovoltaic modules. Maysun Solar is a photovoltaic module manufacturer with fourteen years of experience. We are committed to producing low-fading, long-life, high-efficiency photovoltaic modules. Contact us to create a green future together!