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VenuSun Full Black 410W Monocrystalline Solar Panel 210mm PERC 80 Cells

Power: 390W 395W 400W 405W 410W
Dimension (L × W × T): 1775 × 1098 × 30mm
Maximum system voltage: 1500V 20A
Packing: 39pcs/pallet, 1014pcs/40"HQ

1. Brand new layout design, the overall layout is compact and uniform, perfect size and weight, saving installation space and transportation costs.
2. Hidden black bus bar, very elegant and beautiful appearance of all black components, and the perfect combination of building style, melting ice and snow faster in winter.
3. The most advanced large-size 210mm cell and PERC+SE technology have higher conversion efficiency and save installation costs.
4. MBB+ half-chip technology, more reliable performance, effectively reducing power mismatch caused by shadow occlusion.
5. Highly automated production equipment, mature and stable production technology, 25-year quality assurance.
6. Sufficient cable length reaches 70cm to ensure that there is no need to add extension cables for horizontal and vertical installation.
7. Replacing the previous bypass diodes with MOS(MOS bypass switch) is more energy efficient and minimizes performance loss.
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Learn more about the technology used in this PV Module:

MOS(MOS bypass switch)

What is PERC of solar panels?

Our Technology


1. The full series circuit design avoids the use of the middle waistline of the photovoltaic module, so that it has a uniform layout. The hidden busbar copper strip and the black insulating strip covering technology make the module appear perfect in black and have a perfect visual experience. The 3.2mm-thick tempered glass on the front effectively enhances the wind, snow and hail resistance of the components. The encapsulated EVA uses China's first-line brand, which has the characteristics of high weight, UV resistance, PID resistance, high adhesion, high weather resistance, etc., so that photovoltaic modules have a longer service life. The welding size of 210*105mm solar cells and the arrangement of 5*16Pcs make the components reasonable in size and lighter weight, which is more convenient for transportation and installation, and saves the cost of each link of the photovoltaic power station.

2. The aluminum alloy frame is black anodized, and the color of the back plate is the same as that of the silica gel. The thickness of the oxide film above 14 microns and the hardness above 12HW effectively increase the structural stability and mechanical load capacity of the solar panel. The black backplane has a longer life with fluorine on both sides. The three-part plastic-filled junction box has passed the TUV 1500V withstand voltage insulation test, adapting to more complex installation environments, and the IP68 protection level has a safer use guarantee. Black components can quickly absorb heat and melt snow and ice in winter, reducing the load-bearing pressure on the roof.


3. Using monocrystalline silicon multi-bus grid large-size 210mm cells, each cell has undergone rigorous testing and color sorting to avoid the problem of color difference of solar panels, and ensure that the cell color of each PV module is consistent.
The application of mainstream cell technology such as MBB Half-cell PERC+SE allows modules to have a conversion efficiency of more than 21%, and more power can be installed on the roof of the same area. It has perfect low-light performance and has power output under low-light conditions. 25-year product performance guarantee, 10-year power generation ≥92%, 20-year power generation ≥82%.



4. MOS(MOS bypass switch) is voltage-controlled devices that are more energy efficient than current-controlled devices, and MOS(MOS bypass switch) has a higher energy conversion efficiency. Their design and properties minimize performance loss, even in complex shaded scenarios.


5. The short response time of MOS(MOS bypass switch) to changes in light and dark allows them to quickly adapt to changing light conditions. In addition, MOS(MOS bypass switch) can be individually integrated into each cell or group of cells, a feature that maximizes power generation potential.

(MOS(MOS bypass switch) is applied in products manufactured after June 2023)

Click on this link to get a more detailed understanding of MOS(MOS bypass switch) applications.


6.  Brand new packaging design. It is more reasonable to use 37PCS one outer box for vertical packing, which reduces packaging costs and also saves transportation costs, which increases transportation safety and firmness. Paper corner protection is used between the components to avoid collision and friction between the frames. The packaging is fastened with 5 plastic steel belts on the inside and 7 plastic steel belts on the outside to ensure that the components will not be damaged during long-distance sea and land transportation. The outer box can also be customized according to customer requirements, so that customers have more choices.









5. The following is the specification of our company's 210mm 80cells large-size battery all-black photovoltaic module, you can click the link to download.


Download the specification

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