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Maysun Solar Shingled Full Black 360W-380W MONO PERC 210mm 232 Cells 1/6 Cut Solar Panel

Brand Name: Maysun
Power: 360/365/370/375/380 WP
Size: 1735×1020×30 mm
Packaging: 37pcs/Pallet, 1040pcs/40HQ

1. Better Appearance: With the total black appearance, the modules perfectly integrate into the building's roof, ideal for residential roofs and BIPVs.
2. Advanced 210-mm silicon and 1/6 cell technology, low current design for mainstream inverters on the market.
3. High Customer Benefit: Lower energy recovery costs, leading to a shorter payback period.
4. High Energy Yield: Excellent IAM (Incident Angle Modifier) and low irradiation performance, certified by third parties.
5. High Reliability: Reduced micro-cracks with innovative cutting technology; Assured PID resistance through cell process and module material control.
More Details
  1. The solar modules showcase an all-black design, offering an aesthetic superiority over other modules, seamlessly complementing your architectural style. Especially in colder regions, this all-black module proves beneficial as it facilitates faster snow melting, thereby optimizing energy efficiency.

  1. Silver electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) is used in place of metal grid wires, allowing seamless connections between the cells and significantly enhancing the power density of the solar module per unit area. Moreover, this approach reduces the risk of micro-cracks, thereby elevating the reliability of the module components.


3. Advanced 210mm silicon wafer and 1/6 cell technology, low current design, compatible with mainstream inverters available in the market.


4. Excellent IAM (Incident Angle Modifier) and low irradiance performance, third-party certified; the multi-parallel circuit design minimizes shadow losses from the solar modules, ensuring superior power generation.



  1. Minimizes micro-cracks with innovative cutting technology; Secured PID resistance through cell processing and solar module material control; Resilient against harsh environments such as salt, ammonia, and sand. Areas with high temperature or high humidity; Mechanical performance up to 5400 Pa positive load and 2400 Pa negative load; Passed Class C fire safety test.


  1. The outer packaging can be customized according to customer preferences. Currently, Maysun uses vertically oriented boxes with corner protection mechanisms to separate the solar modules from each other, thus preventing metal collisions and friction during transportation. The packaging is secured inside and out with multiple plastic straps to ensure the modules are safe for long-distance transportation by land and sea.


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