210MM photovoltaic modules and solar silicon prices rise, downstream links game obvious

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 At the beginning of April, most of the material enterprises have signed this month's orders, this week to implement the previous orders, there are individual enterprises have part of the remaining quantity and loose single transaction, solar silicon prices again. At present, solar silicon enterprises to expand production capacity release progress is less than expected, overseas imports of solar silicon transport obstruction, and solar wafers due to higher prices, the start-up rate still remains high, overlapping with new production capacity gradually released, solar silicon demand, the short-term phase of the shortage will continue.

Observe the solar silicon link production operation and shipping situation, some solar silicon enterprises will be April-May maintenance, while two solar silicon enterprises expansion incremental release, is expected to April domestic solar silicon production and March flat, taking into account the solar silicon wafer end of the epidemic production cuts and expansion capacity gradually released, April solar silicon supply will remain tight, prices will remain slightly up trend.

Solar Silicon

On April 13, Longi again raised the price of M10 165μm thickness wafers to USD1.07/chip, up USD0.02 or 1.79% from USD1.05/chip on March 25. Following last week's general increase in solar wafer prices, the market is in the process of successive acceptance, some solar cell companies have a low acceptance of the increased prices, the market is still in competition, no significant increase in procurement demand. Currently affected by the epidemic, raw material transportation, solar wafer production and shipping are affected to varying degrees, solar wafer supply is slightly tense, some component companies to ensure the start rate, pulling up on M10 solar cells and solar wafers demand, M10 prices rose slightly.

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 The mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline M6 solar cells was around USD0.17/W, the mainstream of M10 solar cells became around USD0.18/W, and the mainstream transaction price of G12 solar cells was around USD0.18/W. At present, the upstream of the industry chain launched a new round of price increases, solar cell enterprises have not yet adjusted prices this week, the market gaming atmosphere is obvious, according to market feedback, the current solar cell offer has been in the component link "border" cost line, taking into account the price acceptance of downstream PV modules, solar cell prices remain temporarily Stable.

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This week, the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 166MM PV module is about USD0.29/W, the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 182MM PV module is about USD0.30/W, and the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 210MM PV module has slightly increased to about USD0.30/W. Recent component upstream industry chain and auxiliary materials have raised prices, some photovoltaic module enterprises try to increase the offer, but the terminal acceptance is low, still in the game stage; influenced by market preferences, monocrystalline 210MM photovoltaic module demand is more, for the price after the rise of acceptance is higher, transaction prices have signs of rising. At present, PV module prices have reached a high range, part of the centralized power station project into the game, distributed projects because of the higher acceptance of component prices, good demand, the installed capacity is expected to reach a new high.

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In terms of auxiliary materials, glass prices remained stable this week, the mainstream transaction price of 3.2mm glass this week is about USD4.39/㎡, 2.0mm glass mainstream transaction price is about USD3.29/㎡, most enterprises have signed orders for April at the beginning of the month, the volume of transactions in the market this week is small, the market offer no significant fluctuations. 

Next week's forecast

It is expected that the price of PV modules will continue to rise next week. We hope that customers with projects will stock up as early as possible to reduce the cost loss caused by the continued price increase.