Behind the Maysun Solar- A unswerving story of growing

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Maysun's story began in 2001, but at this time, his name was not Maysun, it was Gangyuan. 

In 2001, Gangyuan, like an innocent teenager, stepped into the photovoltaic industry with passion, and started the business of producing silicon wafers in the industry chain of photovoltaic modules. 

In those years, the silicon wafer business was booming, and the market was often in short supply. Although Gangyuan was young, he had brains and drive, and he knew how to accumulate contacts, so his business was doing better and better. But everything can not be smooth sailing, seeing more and more people rode into the silicon wafer industry, the market began to be stagnant. Gangyuan had to seek a new way out. 

Group photo of Maysun branch in Germany and employees

In 2008, there was a global economic crisis and the price of upstream silicon fell by 90%, which paralyzed Gangyuan's wafer business. Seeking a new way out was a matter of urgency for Gangyuan. But every cloud has a silver lining, at the crisis, the sunrise industry of photovoltaic module products came into the eyes of Gangyuan. 

Maybe it was the demand of the market at that time, maybe it was the unconquerable energy of Gangyuan, in only took Gangyuan one year to establish a PV module factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Gangyuan did the OEM production for first-tier module brands, and at the same time established its own brand GH, and started to explore the sales methods both in domestic and international markets. 

In 2010, the prevalence of the Internet created a rich product of the times, and Alibaba International Station came into being. Peers have taken the express train of international station to enter the international market. But at that time, there was no concept of "differentiation", and the phenomenon of homogeneity became more and more serious, so the international market development was at a deadlock. 

How to stand out among all the competitive brands as well as be known and chosen by foreign customers was a problem faced by the whole industry at that time. Many companies chose to give up and only do domestic business under the trade-off, but some companies still actively seek solutions. GH has also been on the road, he made a bold attempt to go directly to foreign localities, taking advantage of the local preference of products. 

Under the anti-dumping market in Europe at that time, the Middle East became the first choice. And after taking into account the economic development of each country and the demand for PV modules, Pakistan was finally chosen. 

Looking at GH's back, time seems to go back to 2001, the young man with a passion and combatant spirit.

But fervor is always unbearable in front of reality. Local language barrier, customers can't see the real product, how to get the goods quickly after placing an order, a series of problems followed, GH was in deep thought. 

After the anxiety turned into a calm mood, the solution also showed up. GH used local resources to build a local sales team to tackle the language problem, and set up a local warehouse to solve the product supply problem. After more than a year, the trumpet finally blew and GH established its first overseas branch. The Pakistan’s success was the first victory that GH made on the way into the international market.  

The establishment of Pakistan branch gave GH enough confidence, and with the accumulated capital reserve and rich practical experience, GH officially entered the Middle East market in 2013. The establishment of Pakistani warehouse helped GH win the trust of Middle East customers and achieve timely stock service, the power of GH brand slowly played a role in the local area, and the establishment of the second branch in Dubai became a matter of course. During this year, GH products rapidly expanded to the whole Middle East and African countries, and GH's international influence increased. 

The success of Pakistan and Dubai, GH replicated this successful model in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, and further continued to bring into play the localized team, convenient spot supply, timely after-sales service, sales area spread throughout the Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia, Africa, and GH began to take a certain market share in 2014. 

GH entered the international war flag, planted in various countries in Asia and Africa, these markets are relatively economically backward developing countries. And because the fast and successful development, the booming GH did not notice some problems until it began to enter the developed countries .......... 

GH explored the high-end market in developed countries in 2015, the first stop was Australia, but the products needed CEC quality certification to enter Australia. From this quality certification, GH only felt it was different from the Middle East, but did not deeply understand the real meaning of CEC, but simply applied the previous "successful" model and set up a sales office in Melbourne. At that time, the EU had anti-dumping policy for Chinese PV modules, in order not to be limited by the policy restrictions, GH was imperative to establish production bases overseas. And in 2015 the Dubai production base was set up and put into operation at the same time, setting up the Maysun brand. At this point, the story of Maysun's previous life came to an end, which opened a new chapter for Maysun, a new journey in the European and American markets.  

Group photo of Maysun branch in Germany and employees

Maysun followed the experience of his previous life and set up sales offices in Poland and Hungary in Europe, thinking that the two elements of success were in place and that it was only a matter of time before the European and American markets were opened. What he didn't know was that problems were already on their way. 

Maysun lacks understanding of high-end markets in Europe and Australia, and has no profound understanding of the strict quality and meticulous requirements of developed markets in Europe and the United States. According to the development idea of low price and availability of goods in developing countries, GH misunderstood the sales culture in Europe, so the market development in Poland and Hungary in Europe was faced with many difficulties and failed to succeed. 

At this time, the Australian branch also was suffering from a quality crisis because of product details, quality and other issues, frequent customer complaints. 

After these lessons, Maysun has a clear understanding of the quality control of the high-end market in Europe and the United States, the previous model is no longer applicable to the current market, good product development and quality control is now the top priority. 

Strict control of product quality, from the selection of each auxiliary material of photovoltaic modules, the adaptation of each material, the selection of cells, etc., each link of the strict performance test, the finished product third-party stringent test, all the starting point is product quality. 

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As for product development, fully researching the market, producing products suitable for the local market, mainstreaming product differentiation and specialization, while focusing on local after-sales service, Maysun Solar opened a new chapter in the European market in 2017, establishing branches in Germany and Italy one after another, with the EU market development taking shape. 

After a lot of struggles, Maysun at this time more clearly defined its own value and positioning, that is, dedicated to serving small and medium-sized installers and sellers, providing them with household distributed and small and medium-sized photovoltaic power station components. The establishment of the positioning also provides the target for Maysun to further optimize the product performance and service.

In the four years until 2019, Maysun has found its own characteristic road to enter the European market through failures, groping and attempts. 

And Maysun decided to take the specialization to the extreme. In order to better facilitate customers and win the maximum benefit for them, Maysun reasonably laid out the whole EU overseas warehouse, and the goods will be supplied within 1,000 km. This move has won a large number of loyal customers and put on the fast track of development. 

In 2021, Maysun solar established a branch in the Netherlands. Because of the epidemic, distance and communication became a severe elements that limited the development. 

Our story is long, the next part of the story just started, which is the story of online marketing. When Maysun encountered the epidemic in 2021, it began to learn online publicity, stumbling like a toddler. Do not know how to communicate with clients and do not know what state to meet with everyone. On the online platform Maysun may make you feel a little unprofessional and disorderly, but Maysun has always maintained a pure heart to make bold attempts and make efforts to grow little by little. Please give Maysun some time to witness the growth of Maysun together. 

The story of Maysun online marketing is starting.