Towards an empowering change process - a successful collaboration between Maysun Solar and Sebastian Boll

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We are honored to be able to share with Sebastian Boll from the exemplary Regio Energie Werk firm in Germany, our exceptional success story. As a leading supplier of photovoltaic modules, Maysun Solar is proud to present this ground-breaking initiative that will supply solar energy to the Haveltorkino movie theater in Rathenow, Germany. Join us as we discuss the specifics of this productive partnership.

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A joint effort to find sustainable solutions

Maysun Solar purchased 259 400W, 182 mm all-black solar panels for this project. The system is supplemented by a 100KWP hybrid system with 50KWP of battery storage that may be connected to the grid. The emergency power feature, the K2 and ESDEC substructures, and the storage batteries (high voltage) from Sofar Solar are all utilized. The installation of this PV module provides a good long-term advantage for the customer's complete business's electricity supply because the commercial customer uses 70,000 kWh of electricity annually. The following are some benefits of our all-black monocrystalline PV modules: The 14A operating current is precisely matched to commonplace string inverters, giving the customer more options.

For more dependable performance, the product adopts 182mm cell technology, which effectively lowers power loss from shadow shading and increases output power.

A combination of triangular and flat surfaces are used in the product's segmented welding construction in order to achieve micro-pitch cell connections and boost module efficiency.

To lower the possibility of openings brought on by adhesives, the device features a three-piece junction box.

The foundation of our collaboration in the successful installation of 259 cutting-edge 400W, 182mm all-black solar panels on pitched and flat roofs was a shared expectation and passion for sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, our meticulous planning, cautious organization, and good communication all contributed to the project's successful completion.

 395w-415w full black monocrystalline solar panel PERC 182mm 108cells

A positive change in the environment where the product is applied

The energy supply of this movie theater in Haveltorkino has been transformed thanks to the 259 400W Full Black PV solar panels provided by MaySun, along with a 100KWP hybrid system, grid connection, and 50KWP battery storage, lowering energy costs and boosting sustainability while also boosting the owners' energy resilience.

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Long-term benefits for the client

The installation of this project system has produced both significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency. The client uses up to 70,000 kWh of electricity annually. The completion of this project has enabled us to make substantial progress toward meeting our carbon emission reduction goals, and the project's favorable environmental effects support the customer's sustainability objectives. Adopting solutions focused on sustainable energy improves the client's perception of the company and the benefits of corporate social responsibility.

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Setting a sustainable future's course

Additionally, the project served as a catalyst for reform across the sector. Its successful deployment proves the solar arrays' ability to be scaled up and replicated, as well as the viability and benefits of the ensuing switch to renewable energy. We hope that by promoting cooperation among PV module installers, manufacturers, and other stakeholders, we will have the chance to work well with more customers in the future to adopt clean energy solutions and work to advance the industry, together making significant progress toward a greener and more sustainable future.

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Let's once more recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the collaboration between Sebastian Boll and Maysun Solar. This partnership has not only altered the energy landscape in the areas where it is used, but it has also established a precedent for extremely successful and remarkable sustainable energy programs. Let's harness solar energy's potential and lessen the harm we do to the earth.

Since its founding in 2008, Maysun Solar has specialized on producing high-quality photovoltaic modules. Choose Maysun Solar because we have high-quality solar panels that will meet your demands; get in touch with us so that we can work together to build a sustainable future!

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