Launch of the new Venusun S, 800W complete balcony PV system - an innovative collaboration between Maysun Solar and Hoymiles

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To present their most recent developments in the renewable energy sector, famous microinverter producer Hoymiles and leading solar systems provider Maysun Solar have joined forces. The Venusun S, an 800 W balcony PV system, is the end consequence of this strategic alliance.

 Venusun S, an 800 W balcony PV system

One-stop project

With its smaller roof space, the Venusun S is intended to offer a more practical, comprehensive, and efficient solution for residential and commercial buildings. This special system creates a small and effective all-in-one solar solution by fusing Hoymiles' cutting-edge microinverter technology with Maysun Solar's expertise in solar module manufacturing.

Maysun Solar pv module Venusun S

Exceptional and beneficial performance

Two translucent, all-black 410 W solar modules that were specially made are the brains of the Venusun S system. In comparison to traditional backsheets, the transparent backsheet facilitates double-sided power generation, further boosting the PV modules' superior power generation potential by up to 20%. The all-black module design also exhibits an aesthetically pleasing design that fits in with any style of architecture. Venusun S is 25% lighter than balcony power plants now on the market and weighs only 14 kg per module. It is also easier to transport and install because the glass panel thickness is only 1.6 mm rather than 3.2 mm. One person can easily move and install the device, which significantly lowers the cost of transportation and installation.

PV modules' superior power generation potential by up to 20%

Superiority in the quest for perfection

The Venusun S system has cable clamps on the PV modules' backs as one of its features. We see that the connections connecting such sizable PV modules are frequently left haphazard and dispersed after installation. Cable clips are an inventive innovation that make it possible to properly secure the cords inside the module frame, resulting in a tidy and orderly appearance. Eliminating exposed cables boosts reliability and safety while also improving the system's aesthetics.

pv module cable clamps to securing the cables

Optimization of system performance generally

The Venusun S system also comes with two Hoymiles micro-inverters, each with a 400 W capacity, which don't require any further purchases or construction. The impact of each PV module generating power separately is reduced because to the sophisticated connections these microinverters have made with various PV modules. The performance of the entire system is optimized by this tactical link, which also guarantees reliable and effective energy production.

The Venusun S system also comes with two Hoymiles micro-inverters

From the user's perspective

The Venusun S Balcony PV System also comes with two T-connectors and a 5-meter wire from the user's point of view, making installation simple and hassle-free. The system is an appealing choice for homeowners and companies wishing to go solar without the restrictions of roof space due to its user-friendly design and simple installation process.

Safe and dependable assurance

Venusun S is a reliable device that customers can use with confidence because it has a Class C fire rating certification, is suited for all types of weather and situations, has a 12-year product warranty, and a 25-year performance guarantee.

Mr. White, senior regional manager for Europe, stated that the launch of the Venusun S system "represents an important milestone in our continued commitment to providing cutting-edge solar solutions." "Through our partnership with Hoymiles, we are able to take use of their knowledge and experience with microinverter technology to develop a comprehensive and effective solar solution for balcony installations. We are confident that our product will significantly increase the usage of solar energy and make it possible for people and companies to switch to clean and renewable energy sources.

Since 2008, Maysun Solar has specialized on producing premium solar modules. The most frequently requested solar module is our Venusun S. Its all-black look and exceptional performance are both appealing. Its style fits any architectural environment nicely.

With the Venusun S Series from Maysun Solar, you can rely on the dependability and superiority of our products. Join us in using the sun's energy to make the earth greener. Make contact with Maysun Solar right away, and let's work to create a sustainable future.

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