Maysun Solar shingled all-black solar panels, the best of both worlds

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Maysun Solar is always looking for high performance, high quality solar PV panels that we can offer their customers, and the combination of the Full-black shingled solar module is a great solution.

After thorough market research and technical testing, Maysun Solar has combined shingled and full-black into one to produce a high performance, high quality 210mm solar panel with a choice of 350-370W and 400-420W specifications.

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Full-black solar panels are more suited to European architectural styles and tones:

The black oxidised border and backsheet meet the aesthetic needs of most roofs.

More advantageous in colder areas, where snow can melt faster, thus reducing power loss.

The seamless welding technology of the Shingled solar panel eliminates visible circuits and the black colour is more uniform.

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There are 3 main advantages of shingled solar panels compared to ordinary solar panels

1.Increased energy harvest

Higher power per square metre

Shingled solar cells do not require bus bars across the top of the cell, using seamless soldering technology with silver conductive adhesive (ECA) instead of metal grid wires, so more of the solar cell is exposed to the sun.

Less energy loss due to shading

Multi-parallel circuit design reduces shielding losses caused by metal solder strips and achieves module efficiency of up to 21.6%

2.Better reliability

Better mechanical performance

Compared to conventional solar panels, shingled solar panels are more resistant to failures and defects caused by external forces applied to the solar panel, making the technology more secure and reliable.

3.More attractive

Shingled solar panels have no visible circuitry which give them clean simple look providing superior street appeal.

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The shingled cell technology used in Maysun Solar modules is the latest design on the market today delivering improved energy harvest and higher reliability over conventional solar modules.

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The shingled 1/6 Cut is also a breakthrough for Maysun Solar, enhancing the generation of electricity to a greater extent. Lower operating temperatures for longer module life and reduced power degradation. When the cells are shaded, the operating temperature of a shingled module is 40-50°C lower than that of a half-cut module.

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As Maysun Solar's solar panel technology continues to mature, shingled modules represent the current state-of-the-art in terms performance, reliability and aesthetics. It is believed that Maysun Solar will have greater possibilities in the future.

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