Can I install dual-glass PV modules on my rooftop?

Can I install dual-glass PV modules on my rooftop?

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More and more people are using dual-glass solar panels, especially in quality-conscious Europe. The market penetration of dual-glass modules will continue to increase, benefiting from the multiple advantages of dual-glass modules and the continuous decrease of production costs.

What is dual-glass PV modules?

Before introducing dual-glass PV modules, we need to understand the concept of "bifacial module". The "bifacial module" is a module that allows both sides of the solar cell to absorb sunlight to generate electricity. The front of the module is covered with a layer of glass, and the reverse is a transparent back sheet or glass, which can ensure that the back of the solar cell sheet is also transparent.

Dual-glass PV modules are both sides with glass packaging bifacial PV modules, of course, since it is "dual-glass", so this module is certainly "bifacial".

Benefits of dual-glass PV modules

Let's analyze it from an economic perspective, what benefits can we get from a dual-glass PV module?