TwiSun Birth Story——Installation of Dual Glass Modules on Residential Rooftops

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Not long ago, we received a request from a client in Germany, asking if we could make a double-glass module for residential roofs. Why does it have to be double-glass? Because the German government, for fire safety reasons, has legal requirements on the distance between the rooftop PV system and the neighbor's house: if you want to install a single-glass module, you must be separated from the neighbor's wall by more than 1.25 meters; but if you switch to a double-glass module, you only need to be separated from the neighbor's house by 0.5 meters to install it.

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Customer demand is everything, so Maysun started the new product development.

It was a challenging journey. Because there is also a regulation in Germany that requires PV modules on the roof to be no more than 2m² and 25kg each piece, which means that the specifications of this double-glass module have been limited.

Maysun Solar is focused on the distributed market in Europe, where household and commercial/industrial roofs are the main application scenarios for our products. Last year we developed a double-glass product with G12 (210mm) cell type 40, which is close to the above standard. It has a power range of 390W-410W, which is the most mainstream for residential systems, and an area of 1.93m², which meets the standard of less than 2m², but the weight is just stuck at 25kg.

Now the question becomes: how to reduce the weight of the modules?

The weight of the double-glass module mainly lies in the frame and glass. As the most important packaging auxiliary materials of PV modules, the frame and glass determine the reliability and safety of the modules, which directly affect the power generation efficiency and service life of the modules. Therefore, we must reduce the weight under the premise of ensuring the module quality.


At present, most of the mainstream double-glass modules in the market use glass with thickness greater than 2.0mm, for example, the double-glass product we produced last year used 2.0mm glass. So, how to reduce the weight on the basis of ensuring the quality of glass? For this, we found the main supplier of Tesla Solar Roof series photovoltaic glass and procured their 1.6mm photovoltaic glass, which is a kind of high-efficiency anti-permeability photovoltaic glass produced by pure physical toughening technology, and is 15% lighter than 2.0mm cover glass, but the mechanical properties are not weakened at all.

After replacing the glass, the weight of the module was reduced to less than 21kg. However, Maysun Solar's product engineers didn't stop there, and turned to research on frame materials.

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Conventional PV modules typically use T5 aluminum alloy profiles, an air-cooled process that produces profiles with a tensile strength of 160 MPa.

To further reduce module weight, Maysun engineers chose the more costly T6 profile, a water-cooled process that produces a tensile strength of 215 MPa. The upgraded module frame thickness can be reduced from 30mm to 28mm, while the overall mechanical load strength is increased by 20%.

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After solving the module weight problem, Maysun engineers chose the G12 1/3-cut cells to reduce the module operating current in response to the widespread use of micro-inverters in the European residential market, making it suitable for all mainstream inverter models in the European market.

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From the time we received the customer's demand, Maysun engineers worked with various suppliers for many times, developed several prototypes and conducted many quality tests. Finally, through the efforts of all parties, the birth of this perfect new product was ushered in, which is the unique TwiSun.

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Size: 1760×1098×28 mm, Weight: 19.5kg, Area: 1.93m²

Zero Water Permeability, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Aging, Anti-PID, Suitable for harsh environments such as cold, high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, ammonia, etc.

Longer Life, More Efficient, Lighter, Safer, More Elegant, More Adaptable, More Reliable

Unique Innovation Unparalleled

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