Photovoltaic modules due to solar silicon prices continue to rise earnings again become smaller, module prices to rise again?

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This week, the prices of the photovoltaic industry chain, solar silicon materials and silicon wafers have increased slightly, and the prices of solar cells and photovoltaic modules are relatively stable.


Near the end of February, some solar silicon enterprises began to talk about March orders, is expected to March solar silicon production due to line maintenance and expansion capacity release progress can not reach expectations, in the case of strong terminal demand, solar wafer start rate will increase, the demand for solar silicon material increased, the supply and demand gap still exists, long single and bulk single prices have risen to varying degrees.


Solar silicon material

Observe the solar silicon production operation and shipment situation, this week, 13 solar silicon enterprises in China in production, one of the enterprises sub-line maintenance has not yet ended, overseas also has a solar silicon enterprises are sub-line maintenance, solar silicon supply has been reduced. It is expected that the March long order will be signed within the last two weeks, and solar silicon will remain at a high price in March.


Recently, Longi announced a new round of offers, compared with the last offer, the price of different sizes of solar wafers rose USD 0.0475 ~ 0.0554/PC, an increase of up to 5.7 ~ 6.1%, most solar wafer companies follow the leading pricing up prices. This week, M6 mainstream transaction prices rose to about USD 0.847/PC, M10 mainstream transaction prices rose by 2.38% to about USD 1.02/PC, G12 mainstream transaction prices rose to about USD 1.346/PC. End market demand is strong, downstream solar cell enterprises start rate up, drive solar wafer demand, solar wafer output by the solar silicon supply shortage and start rate after upgrading the production cycle of the production line, output is limited, supply tension, the current first-line enterprise start rate has been raised to about 75%, integrated enterprise start rate also maintained at 80%-100%, if the terminal demand continues to become large, the The crop rate is expected to be further revised upwards.


Solar silicon wafers



This week, the mainstream price for M6 solar cells was around USD 0.172/W, for M10 solar cells around USD 0.177/W and for G12 solar cells around USD 0.179/W. The end demand for solar cell orders is high, some solar cell enterprises have been trying to adjust the offer, PV module enterprises because of the previous year's stock still have a stock does not accept the price increase, and the recent PV module offer stable, solar cell offer upward space is not much, and the upstream solar silicon wafer prices continue to rise, solar cell enterprises profit space is relatively low.


Solar cells


Prices remain stable, the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline 166MM PV modules in the USD 0.293/W, monocrystalline 182MM PV modules mainstream transaction price in the USD 0.297/W, monocrystalline 210M PV modules mainstream transaction price in the USD 0.297/W.


Photovoltaic modules.

On February 21, Huadian Group's 2022 PV module and inverter framework procurement opening, the highest bid opening price of USD 0.302/W, the lowest price of USD 0.286/W, the average offer of USD 0.294/W. Currently, the overseas rush equipment period is nearing its end, China's large domestic base projects continue to promote, a number of enterprises have begun to purchase tenders, demand is relatively smooth. Affected by the main industry chain and auxiliary material prices, some photovoltaic module enterprises tentative price increases, but the volume of transactions is not obvious, some companies worried about price increases, the end demand reduced, procurement action slowed down, and then again into the price tug-of-war situation.


In terms of auxiliary materials, glass prices this week basically remained stable, most glass enterprises to implement the previous orders. This week, the mainstream transaction price of 3.2mm thickness of glass to USD4.28/㎡, 2.0mm thickness of glass mainstream transaction price to USD3.329/㎡. Affected by the rising prices of raw materials, the current profitability of photovoltaic glass has become smaller, and some enterprises have delayed the ignition of the completed kiln to wait and see the market dynamics.


Next week's price expectations.


This week, due to strong terminal demand, solar silicon material supply and demand tension, resulting in solar silicon material and solar wafer prices have increased slightly.


But PV modules because the profit margin is compressed, try to price adjustment but the market turnover is not obvious. Prices remained stable.


It is expected that the price of PV modules will remain stable next week, but we do not rule out the possibility of a slow rise. We hope that customers with projects will stock up as early as possible to reduce the cost loss from continued price increases.