PV industry supply chain prices: solar silicon up slowly, solar cell and PV module price tug-of-war to continue

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PV industry supply chain prices: solar silicon up slowly, solar cell and PV module price tug-of-war to continue

Solar silicon: Prices continue to rise, but slowly, with overall RMB quotes for monocrystalline material at around RMB 242/KG.

2Most of the solar silicon orders for the month have been signed, this week a company signed a long-term cooperation order for February, the market can be sold on the remaining material is not much, the number of other new transactions orders decreased significantly, driving solar silicon prices up slowly.

Solar silicon production operation and shipments, this week, China's domestic 13home solar silicon enterprises in production, the resumption of production enterprises are expected to increase3 the month of China's domestic solar silicon supply, individual first-line enterprises plan in2022 the year Q1 for wheel line maintenance, coupled with the expansion of production capacity release than expected impact, solar silicon output is limited, solar silicon wafer new production capacity continued to release, the end demand for hot continued, supply and demand tension, the Material price support force enough, is expected3 to month solar silicon prices will remain upward trend.

Solar wafers: prices were broadly stable, with polycrystalline solar wafer prices picking up slightly.

This week, the mainstream transaction price of M6 solar wafer is around USD0.83/PC, the mainstream transaction price of M10 solar wafer is around USD0.996/PC, and the mainstream transaction price of G12 solar wafer is around USD1.32/PC. The end market demand is large, solar cell procurement demand becomes large, indirectly pull up the demand for solar silicon wafers, solar silicon wafer shipments are relatively smooth. Size, the 2month M6, M10, G12 solar wafer output of each size have increased, G1 solar wafer size output continued to reduce, market share has steadily declined.

Polycrystalline solar wafers, by overseas rigid installed demand, this week's polycrystalline solar wafer prices mainstream transaction prices slightly adjusted to about USD 0.349/PC, the follow-up may still increase prices. At present, the first-line solar wafer enterprises to maintain a high start-up rate, expansion capacity is also in production, is expected2 to month solar wafer production will be higher1 than the month, if the terminal demand to continue the rising trend, solar wafer prices are still likely to rise.

Solar cells: prices remained stable overall, with the price tug-of-war with PV modules becoming more and more intense.

This week, the mainstream transaction price of M6 solar cell is around USD0.172/W, M10 solar cell is around USD0.177/W and G12 solar cell is around USD0.178/W. After the Chinese New Year as the upstream solar silicon and solar wafers have raised their prices, some solar cell enterprises have raised their solar cell offers to ease the pressure of rising costs, but the overall market transaction is difficult. At present, solar cells and photovoltaic modules for price tug-of-war, some solar cell enterprises reflected that some photovoltaic module enterprises in China before the Chinese New Year has been part of the stock, while the Chinese New Year holiday solar cell enterprises basically maintain a high start rate, the supply is more than adequate, is expected to follow the solar cell prices up space is limited.

Photovoltaic modules

PV module prices remained stable, with the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline166 MM PV modules at around USD0.29/W, and the mainstream transaction price of monocrystalline182210 MM PV modules at around USD0.297/W. Some of the first-line enterprises have signed2 the month order in the year before, this week, most of the PV module enterprises to implement the previous orders, in addition to overseas demand continues, shipments are relatively smooth. In addition to the upstream prices of the industry chain, the auxiliary material end of the backsheet, glass and other links have also increased, some dealers reflected that some enterprises 166MM single-sided PV module prices have exceeded USD0.30/W, double-sided double-glass PV module prices have also risen to USD0.308/W. Demand, the end demand due to price increases, take the first to observe the market situation, some PV module enterprises have planned to reduce3 the month The crop rate is intended to be a price tug-of-war with upstream solar cells and auxiliary materials.

In terms of auxiliary materials, glass prices basically remained stable this week, with high terminal demand driving increased demand in the PV glass market, but prices rose slowly due to low price acceptance by PV module companies. This week, the mainstream price of 3.2mm thickness of glass was traded to around USD4.266/㎡, and the mainstream price of 2.0mm thickness of glass was traded to around USD3.318/㎡.


Next week's price forecast.

The price of solar silicon rose slowly this week due to a lack of spare material and continued demand, thus driving up the price of solar silicon wafers and cells at the downstream end.

However, the acceptance of the PV module side is not high, considering the cost pressure, solar cells and PV modules are in a long-term price tug-of-war stage.

It is expected that the price of PV modules will continue to stabilise next week, but a slow rise is not ruled out. It is hoped that end customers with projects will stock up as early as possible to reduce the cost loss caused by continued price increases.