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    410W-440W IBC

    Full Black Solar Panel

    High Efficiency Solar Modules


    Power: 410W 415W 420W 425W 430W 435W 440W

    Efficiency: 21-22.5%

    Dimensions (L × W × H): 1722 x 1134 x 30 mm

    Weight: 20.8kg

    Packaging: 36 pieces/pallet, 936 pcs/40'HQ

    Warranty: 25-year performance warranty 

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    Module Power

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    Module Efficiency

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    25 Years


  • High-Quality IBC Solar Panel

    First Choice for Commercial and Residential Rooftops

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    Most Advanced Third-Generation Solar Module Technology

    Technique without PV ribbon on the Front Side


    Elevate your rooftop solar experience with our full black solar modules to melt off snow quickly. It is specifically designed for distributed photovoltaic power plants on rooftops. The area of 1.952 square meters meets the building regulatory requirements for rooftop installations. With a significant power gain in electricity generation, it is the best choice for both residential and large-scale rooftop solar power plants.

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    Full Black Visual Experience

    Black Surface Treatment


    IBC full black solar panel, measuring 1722*1134*30mm and finished with a black surface treatment, offers an exquisite, noble, and elegant aesthetic. Its sophisticated appearance makes it particularly well-suited for European-style roofs with darker hues, enhancing the beauty and value of your property while providing efficient solar energy.

  • More Product Advantages

    IBC - The Leading Photovoltaic Technology

    The Most Advanced Technology


    This is the most sophisticated technology for the mass production of PV modules (All Back Contact), boasting unmatched advantages over PERC and TOPCon technologies. It's a significant leap forward, offering truly unique and distinct products that set a new standard in the industry.

    No Hot Spots In The Shade


    The unique All Back Contact design ensures that positive and negative electrodes on the back side continue to function normally, even when shadows fall across them. This innovation significantly reduces the risk of module damage due to hot spots and minimizes the danger of operating the electrical front without a resistance station.

    Outstanding Performance in Low-Light Conditions

    The unobstructed characteristics of the front side expand the light absorption range, with a spectral absorption range of 300nm to 1200nm. Power generation kicks off early in the morning and extends well into the evening. Compared to PERC and Topcon, the gain in power generation exceeds 2.01%.

    No Glare Pollution

    The technique of eliminating PV ribbon on the front side results in an average reflectivity of just 1.7%, significantly reducing light pollution for the environment and neighbors.

    Low Power Temperature Coefficient

    The excellent Power temperature coefficient of -0.29%/°C mitigates the impact of temperature fluctuations on power generation performance, enhancing the yield over the entire energy production cycle.

    High Efficiency in Power Generation

    The front side is free of busbars and PV ribbon, which reduces light loss and increases the light-receiving area by 2.5%.

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