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    555W-600W IBC Solar Module with Silver Frame

    High Efficiency Solar Modules


    Power: 555W 560W 565W 570W 575W 580W 585W 590W 595W 600W

    Efficiency: 21.5-23.2%

    Dimensions (L × W × H): 2278 x 1134 x 30 mm

    Weight: 27.5 kg

    Packaging: 36 pcs/pallet, 720 pcs/40'HQ

    Warranty: 25-year product and performance warranty

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    Module Power

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    Module Efficiency

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    25 Years


  • High-Quality IBC Solar Modules

    The Preferred Choice for European Family Rooftops

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    Innovative Backside Positive and Negative terminal Connection Technology

    Efficient IBC Solar Modules


    The solar module's front surface is devoid of metal busbars, guaranteeing stable current transmission. With a 23.2% conversion efficiency, it ensures that a single solar module can generate up to 30W under identical conditions, thereby reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE).

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    High Performance in Low-Light Conditions

    No PV ribbon obstructing, maximizing light absorption


    Allow your photovoltaic power station to have an extra 2.01% power generation gain in the morning and evening, further improving the return on investment of your rooftop power station and shortening the payback period, making it the best choice for industrial and commercial rooftop and ground-mounted power stations.

  • More Product Advantages

    IBC —— Top Photovoltaic Technology

    High Reliability

    The Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) technology utilizes a linear welding technique, effectively bolstering the solar module's resilience against micro cracks, leading to a substantial enhancement in product dependability.

    Low Temperature Coefficient

    The outstanding temperature coefficient of -0.29%/°C results in better performance at high temperatures, increasing the overall electricity generation yield.

    The Most Advanced Technology

    The efficiency of the IBC solar module has been elevated to a new level. Compared to the apparent improvements in PERC and TOPCon technology, the IBC solar module is truly a unique and differentiated product.

    No Hot Spots in the Shade

    The unique All Back Contact ensures that positive and negative electrodes flow normally on the back, even when shaded, reducing damage from hot spots and the risk of power plant operation.

    No Glare Pollution

    The perfect treatment process without a front-side welding ribbon, eliminating reflective silver welding ribbon, with an average reflectivity of only 1.7%, significantly reduces the impact on the environment and light pollution for neighbors.

    High Power Generation Efficiency

    The positive and negative electrodes of IBC cells are located on the back, and the metal grid electrode on the front is unobstructed, enlarging the front surface area exposed to light by 2.5% and greatly improving power generation performance.
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