Do you know the importance of solar panels cleaning?

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Cars that are properly greased and maintained perform better and last longer. We want our solar panels to be as clean and efficient as new, just like we want our wheels to be dirt-free.

Do you think it's all over now that you've compared several providers and worked hard to get them installed in your home? Of course not, a solar panel system is a large investment that has cost you money, thus it must be maintained to ensure that it lasts as long as possible, which includes cleaning the panels on a regular basis.

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Why is it necessary to clean solar panels?

There are numerous major consequences to not cleaning the panels on a regular basis:

1. Energy waste:

According to the findings of an analysis conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the overall loss of panels is approximately 30% if they are not cleaned correctly.

If you neglect to maintain your solar panels for two years, the percentage of energy that could be lost per quarter is as follows:

5% energy loss in the first quarter of the year

Year one, second quarter: 10% energy loss

Year one, third quarter: 15% energy loss

Year one, fourth quarter: 20% energy loss

Year 2, Quarter 1: 25% energy loss

Year 2, Quarter 2: 30% energy loss

Year 2, third quarter: 35% energy loss

Year 2, fourth quarter: 35% energy loss

2. Solar panel damage:

As a result of continuous uncleanliness, a huge amount of dust, bird droppings, leaves, and even rainfall collects on the photovoltaic panel. The PV panel's inside will be unevenly heated, resulting in a hot spot effect that reduces power consumption. This will severely shorten the life of the solar panels.

3. Unappealing:

Unclean solar panels covered in dust on the roof not only detract from the overall beauty of the building, but also give people the impression that it is messy and unconcerned about the environment. The application of solar panels as a new type of energy consumption should have become a lovely landscape, however these unsightly solar panels make this beautiful countryside disappear.

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To summarize, solar panel cleaning is required.

How should solar panels be cleaned

1. Areas requiring frequent solar panel maintenance and cleaning:

(1) Polluted environments Solar panels put in extremely polluted places, particularly near factories, highways, or airports, are susceptible to significant atmospheric fouling and oil deposition.

(2)Heavily forested places. In installations where there are many trees nearby, more leaves may fall on the panels, obstructing solar absorption. Trees can also attract birds, which can cause feces to accumulate, shadowing the PV cells and degrading the surface due to acidity, reducing efficiency.

(3)Areas of desert. Sand accumulates on solar panels in arid, hilly, and dusty areas, obstructing light and scratching the surface.

2. The best time to clean solar panels: 

Because cold air is closer to the ground in winter than warm air in summer, contaminants accumulate more quickly.

This means that the optimum time of year to clean solar panels is in the spring, because they can become too hot to touch in the summer. It is preferable to clean them in the morning or evening when it is cooler.

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3. Tools: 

You should be able to obtain materials suitable for cleaning your solar panels at home if you try cleaning them yourself. Simply use water and a soft, non-abrasive sponge or towel to remove dirt and debris for the best results and to avoid scratching your solar panel.

To avoid leaving a residue, dry with a rubber brush or chamois as you would with window glass or when washing your automobile. If you must use soap, make it no stronger or harsher than dishwashing detergent.

It's ideal to use eco-friendly and chemical-free soaps because they won't harm your plants or animals if they get splashed from the roof, and they won't leave a foul residue on your panels.

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Please bear the following in mind when cleaning the panel yourself to avoid damaging it:

(1) First, shut down the operating system. Turn off the AC and DC isolators since liquids and electricity conduct electricity.

(2) Avoid using harsh soaps, such as powerful detergents or chemical-containing soaps, because they can erode the surface of the solar panel unit.

(3) Avoid using rough cleaning products, such as emery cloths, sponges, or thick-toothed brooms, as these may harm the panel's surface.

(4) Do not step on the solar panels because the weight may cause them to shatter; (5) Remember to inspect your panel on a regular basis.

5. Solar panels with good mounting angles keep cleaner longer: 

Panels positioned at an angle are more susceptible to being cleaned by rainfall runoff than panels installed on a level surface, where water pools in the pool and creates a residue.

The proper installation angle for solar panels is 45 degrees due south.

Method for calculating the mounting angle of a PV panel:

Azimuth = (day's peak demand (24-hour system) - 12) x 15 + (longitude - 116)

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