TwiSun Series from Maysun Solar combines durability, compliance and easy installation

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With its newest product line, the TwiSun Series, Maysun Solar, a top supplier of solar modules, is transforming the renewable energy sector. TwiSun modules, which come in power classes ranging from 390W to 410W, offer a number of superior qualities, including excellent durability and compliance with industry standards. Due to their double-glass design and lightweight construction, these modules are anticipated to have a significant impact on the solar market.

solar panels Twisun Series

TwiSun uses double-glazing, a new innovation that differs from traditional back sheets.​

The impressive glass-glass modules of the Twisun series, which have a lifespan of up to 30 years, are one of its distinguishing characteristics.

Like sand, glass is made of inorganic silica. Extreme coldness, heat, humidity, salt spray, and ammonia are all tough conditions that this material can withstand. It is also very durable. It can withstand abrasion, corrosion, and weathering better than any other plastic.

Glass-glass modules have a power output advantage over conventional backsheets of 5% to 25%. This improves the effectiveness and benefits of power generation.

Twisun products are appropriate for areas with close-spaced houses because German law stipulates that glass-to-glass PV modules must be installed 0.5 meters away from neighbors, whereas conventional PV modules must be installed more than 1.25 meters away.

Even if the distance between houses is shortened, the use of TwiSun PV modules can prevent the occurrence of accidental disasters to the greatest extent because glass can significantly improve the fire safety of the module.

Additionally, TwiSun modules have excellent PID (Potential Induced Degradation) resistance due to the double-sided glass and POE packaging material combination, which reduces the degradation of module performance due to current leakage and guarantees efficient power output.

The glass modules' resulting 30-year lifespan along with their exceptional performance guarantee that the PV modules will deliver dependable and stable energy production for a very long time. Twisun series products from Maysun Solar are said to be of high quality. It functions well for both homes and businesses and lasts a very long time.

solar panels Twisun Series

Two variants of the Twisun component

There are two variations of Twisun modules: all-black and black-framed. Solar panels that are black are more effective at producing electricity. Even in cold climates, they can absorb more heat. They can melt snow more quickly as a result.

solar panels Twisun Series

The elegant and roomy aesthetics of European architectural structures are also considered in the design. Due to the variety, clients can select a design style that perfectly matches their aesthetic preferences and building needs. The TwiSun range provides options for any solar project, whether the customer wants to make a subtle visual statement or blend in with their surroundings.

Twisun solar panels

The user-friendly design philosophy of TwiSun

The lightweight design of Twisun modules is another distinguishing quality. The modules weigh only 19.5 kg thanks to 1.6 mm tempered glass and an incredibly thin 28 mm T6 frame, making installation and lifting simple for one person. This feature not only makes installation easier, but it also lowers the labor costs involved. This user-friendly design demonstrates Maysun Solar's dedication to making the solar installation process simpler and more practical.

Additionally, Twisun modules are made to be simple to install. These modules are offered in sizes of 1760 x 1098 x 28 mm, with an area of less than 2 m2, and they are compliant with the standard specifications that are currently on the market.

Twisun modules also have cutting-edge 210mm wafer and 1/3 cut cell technology, as well as a low current design, which enables the modules to run at approximately 10A for the majority of inverters available today. This conformance guarantees that Maysun Solar's Twisun series complies with the exacting standards of the foremost proponents of renewable energy around the globe. Installers and end users can feel secure knowing that the components they are using adhere to the strictest industry standards.

Maysun Solar TwiSun

With the TwiSun product line, Maysun Solar has successfully collaborated with a number of customers in Europe, advancing clean energy innovation and sustainable development objectives together:

The project is located on the roof of a house in Baden

The project is located on the roof of a house in Baden

The project is located on the roof of a beautiful lakeside building complex in Sweden

The project is located on the roof of a beautiful lakeside building complex in Sweden

The project is located on the roof of a private house and factory in the Netherlands

The project is located on the roof of a private house and factory in the Netherlands

As a result of its consistent delivery of high-quality products that satisfy the changing demands of the renewable energy sector, Maysun Solar has established itself as a reliable supplier of solar modules. The TwiSun Series exemplifies Our company's dedication to innovation and sustainable growth, and reflects its vision for a more eco-friendly future.

Maysun Solar provides its customers with dependable, long-lasting, and legal solar module solutions through the TwiSun Series. Maysun Solar enables people and businesses to harness the power of solar energy and make a difference in the creation of a more sustainable planet by fusing cutting-edge technology with superior durability and simplicity of installation.

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